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Leeming year 7: the water cycle

No description

Rosalind Murray

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Leeming year 7: the water cycle

Water Cycle

1. How does the water cycle show that the amount of water on earth has not changed since the time of the dinosaurs?
11.What is Runoff?

12.What is irrigation?
3.What is precipitation?
4.What is a natural resource?

5.Is water a natural resource?
6.What is a renewable resource?

7.Is water a renewable resource?
17.IS groundwater a renewable resource?
Why / why not ?
28.What is Condensation?
29.What does humidity mean?
24.What is a natural resource?
26.What is transpiration?

27.How is it different from evaporation?
8.How does water stay
locked up?
18.How can renewable resources be sustainably used?
9.what is the difference between a renewable and non renewable resource?
13.What is percolation?
which way is the water going?
14.What is a soak?
which way is the water going?
15.What is an aquifer ?

16.What does permeable rock mean?
38.What is a weir?
20.What is evaporation ?

What is it called when people heat sea water to separate out the salt
22.What is condensation?

23.What is water vapour?
33.why do people move?
32.what is a neighbourhood?
31.what does
remote mean ?
21.What is
30.What is wilderness?
25.What is

Water ?
2.What part of Earth's water
a) is always moving?
b) stays locked up?

hint: look at the background in the next slides...
Water Revision

1) Use the text book to help you answer the following questions in your book

2) Use your answers to make a Quizlet or Kahoot quiz
19.What is BLUE water? (see your text)
34.Does everyone have access to fresh water?

35.What is water scarcity?
36.What is improved water?

37.What is a water footprint?
10.What is a non renewable
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