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Learning Ultrasound in an Ultrasound Naive Environment (University of Kentucky Edition)

No description

Jennifer Cotton

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Learning Ultrasound in an Ultrasound Naive Environment (University of Kentucky Edition)

Learning Ultrasound in Your Clinical Years
How to incorporate ultrasound into clinical education when your teachers aren't familiar with ultrasound
US in Formal Clinical Education
How do I work ultrasound into
my clinical education...?

My residents and attendings don't even know how to use an ultrasound!

Its Simple...
Here's How
You're an ultrasound student
That your scans are for "educational purposes only"
You've been training and would like some clinical application of your ultrasound skills
Explain that:
Tips and Tricks
Approach your resident first
Ask if "it's ok" for you to scan your patient
Be overly nice about it
Be prepared for pimping.... know sensitivity, specificity, and some details
Know where an ultrasound is (your residents won't know)
Negative Responses
(that may blow your mind or make you vomit in your mouth)
"I don't know anything about" ultrasound, that scan, etc.
REALLY, REALLY wrong statements about ultrasound!

"Ultrasound is user dependent"
"You can't scan ________!"
"I don't even know where an ultrasound is"
Awesome Responses
"I really need to learn how to do that"
"How are you so advanced?"
"I didn't even know you could do that with ultrasound!
"That was a good call using ultrasound! Good job!"
"How did you get so good at ultrasound?"
And other really awesome comments in your evaluations....
(that will make you glad you brought up ultrasound)
Responses to Expect
Learning Ultrasound Beyond the Basics
The Ultrasound Podcast
USIG's Learning Modules
Intro to Bedside US
Follow the masters of ultrasound on twitter
Subscribe to Sonospot
Know your SDOTs
Go to Castlefest!
Go to WCUME!

(free on iTunes and Inkling right now!)
- Laleh Gharahbaghian
- Mike Stone
- Matt & Mike
Noble Ultrasound
- Vicki Noble
- Max and JF
UKCOMultrasound -
that's us!
- that's me!
Change Ultrasound Culture at Your Institution
Lead by example!
Show residents and faculty what ultrasound can do
Show them that it's not that hard to learn
You can teach the teachers... you will know more ultrasound than most physicians teaching you
If nothing else, be so awesome that you shame them into learning ultrasound
Improving Patient Care
Scans that you can perform as a student that will actually make a difference!
Ultrasound guided peripheral IVs!!!
IVC scan for volume assessment
Your top 2 scans
Other Pretty Useful Scans
Procedural ultrasound
US guided landmarks for LPs (think obese patients)
eFAST scan (especially in the ER)
Soft tissue ultrasound: abscess v. cellulitis
Cardiac (think EPSS)
New Ultrasound Opportunities at UK
Ultrasound Distinction
Ultrasound Honors
Ultrasound Honors
Attend all USIG ultrasound workshops during 1 academic year (make up workshops by attending 1 hr ultrasound lab session) OR complete 1 semester of ultrasound elective
Read Volume 1 & 2 of Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound

To Qualify:
Monthly ultrasound honors conference to continue developing ultrasound knowledge and learn advanced ultrasound
Complete an ultrasound related project over the year (USIG management project, research project, USIG development project, ultrasound teaching project, etc.)
Teach a small group at > 2 USIG workshops

Seminar Description: 2 hours, 1 x month
Ultrasound honors students update on their projects (10 minutes)
Short student given presentation on ultrasound topic (15 minutes)
Advanced ultrasound topic presentation (30 minutes)
Hands-on practice of advanced ultrasound topic (1 hour)
Independent Study and Scanning Goals:
Complete and log at least 20 scans per month
Complete 1 hr per week of independent study
Ultrasound distinction
Meeting Ultrasound Distinction Standards:
Complete a total of 50 points. At least 15 points must come from each of the three ultrasound categories below.
Complete and log > 125 ultrasound scans. Complete at least 25 scans be from 4 of the ultrasound scan categories below.

Participation Category
Attending USIG activities (meetings, workshops, & practice lab 1 pt each)
Modeling at USIG or other UK ultrasound workshops (2 pts)
Teaching at USIG workshops (2 pts each)
Tutoring in open lab (1 pt)
Mentoring junior USIG members (1 pt/hr session)
Attending an ultrasound conference (4 pts)
Modeling at Castlefest (4 pts)

Skills Category
Logging 25 scans in each of the core scanning areas (3 pts for each completed, only 3 pts per category)
Categories: FAST, Aorta, Renal, Pulmonary, Cardiac, Biliary, Soft Tissue, MSK, Procedural, and Other
Completion of 1 semester of ultrasound elective (5 pts)

Knowledge Category
Completing USIG learning modules (2 pts per module)
Pathology quiz questions during workshops (100% 2 points, > 80% 1 pt, > 60% 0.5 pts)
Reading Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound chapter
Write a up a Quick Hits about an ultrasound scan (2 pts each)
Write a Case of the Month (1 pt each)

Know AMA Resolution 802:
Ultrasound is within scope of all physicians
It's up to individual departments (not radiologist) on what is appropriate training and scope of practice
Be humble!
Show your teachers what ultrasound can do!
Ultrasound improves procedure success in obese patients!
Don't forget to use ultrasound for young patients (who are basically tiny fat people... as they should be!)
... so is driving and being alive
"It's not good for ____ or CT is better for diagnosing ___," when you know the literature is the complete opposite
I've been told "you can't scan the IVC because the liver was in the way" by a clerkship director
You can learn ultrasound!
Even when it's not a part of your curriculum!
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