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No description

Christopher Knight

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of Gemgento

In Magento a simple change requires a back-end re-write.. That gets expensive quick
Why Rails?

Cheaper, faster, stronger development process.

Active Admin Content Management
Open Source Community
Gemgento's Toolbox
Magento's Business

The lightweight version for small businesses

- Limited design options and theming

- Support is minimal unless you upgrade to larger plan
You can pay to become a 'certified' Magento developer
Or you can pay big bucks to join the 'Enterprise' edition
Magento GO
Developer Talk

"I spend all day doing something that would usually take me 5-10 minutes our custom built system. However to replicate the functionality of Magento would take a team of developers years to get anywhere close."
Upgrading Magento

"If you have enterprise, you’ll be paying for support. There’s no documentation on how to do it yourself. Also, if you’re not a System Admin or a Developer - turn back now."
Modifying 'core' files
"A good Magento programmer can cost $100 an hour…and that gets expensive quickly"
Gemgento re-invents the front-end to the worlds best eCommerce back-end

A Powerful Expansible Maintainable eCommerce solution.
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