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Geometry in the Real World

No description

Zara Mehta

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Geometry in the Real World

Geometry in the Real World By: Zara Mehta There is geometry all around us, sometimes we just don't notice it. You can find geometry anywhere, even while on vacation. Come explore North Myrtle Beach for GEOMETRY IN THE REAL WORLD. This is our hotel room.
This is a lamp in our room. It is in the shape of a trapezoid. This is a close-up of the carpet. It is showing..... This is a ceil ing light . It is in the shape of a cir cle. How do you catch a Geomotrysaurus Rex?
With a Zoid Trap, the same way you would trap-a-zoid. He He HaHa INTERSECTING LINES P R P E D I C U L A R A N G L E S This Hotel sign shows not only that it is smoke free but also the diameter. What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o-lantern by its diameter?

hmm ??????? Pumpkin Pi! Ha Ha Heehee This is the sign that tells us which direction our room is. Our room was 303. We had to go right. And speaking of right, the arrow is a RIGHT TRIANGLE. These parallel lines are the bars of the fence around the pool. Now I kind of feel like swimming :) The TV here has a RIGHT ANGLE. Now I just wish I can find the right channel What did one right triangle say to another right triangle?
Want to SQUARE dance? This is at Wal-mart. We had to grab a few things. What do you call and angle thats adorable? An acute angle Why was the obtuse angle upset? This is an acute angle. Its so CUTE! WHA??? ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!! This is a lamp. This is a car wash. .......Yeah................... What you are viewing now is an image of a bolt on an electricity pole, in the Wal-Mart lot. It's a hexagon ;-D This tall building is a shopping store. The roof is shaped like a SQUARE BASED PYRAMID. The "4" here is the price for a bag of cheetos. The angles opposite of the right angle adds up to 90. Since every triangle in the world add up to 180, and 180 - 90(right angle) = 90 then the "4" has complementary angles. That was a mouthful! Here are some RANDOM examples of geometry found at RANDOM places.
This is Heptagon. Hehe Amazing , Right!!!?!?!??!! Guess what this is... SALAD!!! No, actually, it's an obtuse angle. Yup. Because he was never right!!!!!! Its a NET VIEW. Now what shape is this, it's the ceiling for the ceiling's sake! SEE??? Thanks for touring North Myrtle Beach with me. This was fun!!!! HEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!! The End! Math RULES!!!
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