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Make-A-Crane Earrings: Meia Explains!

Meia Geddes explains how she makes and sells origami Make-A-Crane Earrings. For more information and images, feel free to visit www.makeacrane.com.

Meia Geddes

on 22 June 2016

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Transcript of Make-A-Crane Earrings: Meia Explains!

Make-A-Crane Earrings:
Meia Explains!

How do I make and sell my origami crane earrings?
Let me take you through the steps!

First, let's choose PAPER.

Red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, pink, maroon, purple, patterned...

Among others, I like these cute pre-cut ones:
Fold the paper (which might be a little curled after painting) into a paper crane!

Say that five times fast...
Now let's poke a hole in the exact center of the crane with a small needle, very carefully.

This is where the headpin will go through.

Those beads already have holes, lucky them.
Let's gather our BEADS!
Crystal? Pearl? Wood? Gold?
Size hole?
How big?
Ask yourself some questions about those beads...
Now let's put everything on our headpin. First a bead, then the crane, then some more beads.
We can use our tools to twist the tip of the headpin into a loop.
Then attach that loop to the hook!

Now on to emailing buyers because we can't stop into every store in America, after all. For this, we'll need...
By the way:
We can save a template of an email in Gmail using the "Canned Responses" Lab feature.
We should try to address buyers by their names. No one really wants to be addressed as "Buyer," after all...or maybe they do.
If we have a record of previous sales, website, number, samples, mission, or anything else that's relevant, let's include all that too. Keeping it informative and exciting, but simple enough for a tired buyer to read.
To help out that busy buyer, manager, or volunteer, consider attaching a simple wholesale linesheet as a PDF, listing items, images, prices, and other key information like "Net 30." If we forget, Gmail will remind us because we used the word "attached."
Thank you, Google.
Now let's create an Excel sheet to keep track of who we have contacted, who to contact in future, and who to never, ever contact again.
Let's remember that buyers will also communicate with one another. We want them saying good things and we want to be good people in general.

Sometimes it will be hard to find an email address so you will have to talk to someone on the phone to ask for the person or people responsible for making purchases.


Sometimes if you want to sell your product at a large center like the American Museum of Natural History in NY, you will need to sell to a company like Event Network, for which you will then set up a separate account. Be prepared to be asked for a discount and know how low you're willling to go and how much you can produce at a time!
(I know you opened a business bank account to track cash flow and to avoid "co-mingling" personal and business funds, right?)
Now that we have an order coming in, let's SHIP EVERYTHING out into the world! (remembering to get a receipt...)
We have our packaging, business cards, printed labels (thank you electronic scale and free, pre-ordered sticky labels!), and invoice template at hand.
After shipping, record the transactions with relevant notes, and remember to write down any incurred expenses. (Did you send a free sample?)
So now what?

You made a sale!

Now what?
To protect the paper from the elements,
let's paint a layer of lacquer or varnish
on the paper.
You might also want to use a
small plastic bowl that you will
make a mental note
to never eat out of...
..and you have a pair of earrings!
And keep on going...
Until you have lots and lots!!!
Let's not forget blue....
A glance at my workspace...

What beads look complementary?
The phone is actually pretty useful...
Museum stores are an interesting market because they usually only want to buy items related to their current exhibitions.
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