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final project

No description

Rabab Namazi

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of final project

Introduction As a part of Co_Op Training in Faculty of Management Information System Plan. We had chance to get training in HIM department (Health Information System)at King Fahad Medical City Introduction

When any patients want a specific service such as:

Updating their personal information
Booking, cancel or modify an appointment,
Consult their doctor or get a copy of appointment.

They must come to the hospital to get the
services, or contact the Call Center in the case
of appointments Login Page Patient Inbox Appointments View Appointment The schema of database E-Patient service
King Fahad Medical City visited by different kinds of patients included: Adults
Pregnants And from all regions of the Saudi Arabia. E-Patient service App Project Scope

So we tried to provide faster and better service to serve the patients, by creating smartphone application with multiple languages which is called: Introduction
E-Patient service is a powerful and easy-to-use software system that is designed to serve patients of King Fahad Medical City. It will provide the user with fast and efficient way to access the data they need everywhere and anytime.
E-Patient service offers a complete set of features for patients such as add, delete, modify and print appointment. Also updating patient profiles and consultation Overview Our project covered the following services to the patient: Patient
login Patient
profile Introduction E- Patient Services App Patient
Inbox Appoint-
ment Patient
consultation GPS
clinics Main Workflow It was a great experience for us to have a chance get training at King Fahad Medical City at HIM department. The training program was very interesting for us since we had gained a lot of knowledge and experience. We had learned how to deal with technical problems and solve them, and how to give support for the end user , how to do system analysis and design step by step , and designing website for internal network in the HIM department in King Fahad Medical City. Conclusion Conclusion Our skills were improved during training program in many aspects like:

Communications skills.
How to manage working in a team.
Good improvement in English language communications wither in oral or written.
The ability to work as an individual and in groups.
. Patient
out And we also gained new skills like: Conclusion Ability to work in a team environment
New computers experience, and the ability to use software such as Dreamweaver cs6, Dreamweaver 8, Microsoft publisher, Serena , Chart Viewer, Barcode Maker.
Technical support skills.
Analytical Skills; ability to understand the function, and problem and see problems from different prospective and find different ways to solve them.
The documentation skills to do the job right. Although we had faced some difficulties during the training, we're still glad to have a new experience in our life. Again, it is our great pleasure to acknowledge and thank all that have contributed to our training stage Conclusion Thank you App services Renew appointment
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