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final project for Call Of The Wild the best book ever

No description

daniel lane

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of final project for Call Of The Wild the best book ever

The Call of the Wild Final Project Our group will be talking about Quick Summary

Character Analysis



Literary Devices Summary -civilized life

-Manuel case
-law of club and fang
-Primitive -fight Spitz
-John Thornton *Characters* 1.Buck
Main Character 2.John Thornton
-animal caregiver
Rescue 3.Hal and Charles
Create Problems ^^Conflict^^ Man VS. Nature Man VS. Man Buck VS. Coldness basic Ice Buck VS. change of Climate warm cold Buck VS. Spitz The fight boss place Buck VS. Humans the club controled unfair Theme Civilization VS. Primitivism Survival of the Fittest First
Civilized moved Primitive Club, Curly, Spitz
No fairness one that has power wins power weak fairness :Literary : Devices: that the author used Allusion Definition: makes a reference to a place, person, or something that happened.

EX.) He is a real Romeo with ladies..... Analogy Definition: establish a relationship based on similarities between two concepts or ideas

EX.) In a same way as one can not make muscle without training, one can not do well without trying. Today, In this place, we told you guys about The Book, The Call of the Wild's Summary
Character Analysis
Literary Devices Yeh! it's over~~~~~ ladies and gentlemen s, Thank you for listening to our presentation! Danny Lee, Daniel Lane, Lorenzo Martinez, Kyle Megorden
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