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John Steinbeck Timeline

No description

Jake Thomas

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of John Steinbeck Timeline

John Steinbeck Timeline
1900- the early years
1920s First Literature
1960s and Beyond
Graduated from Salinas High School
Attends Stanford University
Writes first book, Cup of Gold.
Traveled to New York City
1930s- More books
Books 1932-1939
Pastures Of heaven
The Red Pony
To a God Unknown
Tortilla Flat
Of Mice and Men
Grapes of Wrath
1930 Got married to Carol Henning
1934-1935 Parents die
War Starts, books are made.
The sea of Cortez
The pearl
The Wayward Bus
A Russian Journal
Pulitzer Prize
For the book, Grapes Of Wrath
Marital Problems
1942-Divorces wife Carol
1943-Marries Gwyndolyn Conger
1943-Becomes war correspondent
1946-Second Son born
1948-Divorced Gwyndolyn

Book 1950-1958
Burning Light
East Of Eaden
Pippin IV
There once was a war
New Marriage
Marries Elaine Scott
Results of the depression
Steinbeck wrote a lot about the depression and after effects.
He wrote about the slave workers and the injustices people faced.
Books 1961-1969
The winter of our discontent
Travels with Charley
Journal of a novel\

Prizes and travels
Nobel prize for literature-1962
United States Medal Of Freedom
Trustee of John F. Kennedy Memorial Library-1964
Travels to Europe-1963wa
Died December 20th in New York
Buried in Garden of Memories cemetery in Salinas.
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