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Saint Alice

No description

Jessica Jacob

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of Saint Alice

Saint Alice is the patron saint of giving charity to the poor, blind and paralyzed. She is from Schaerbeek, her feast day is on 15 June.
Saint Alice
Shortly after becoming a teenager, Alice became afflicted with leprosy. This saddened Alice because she had to be kept in isolation at all times. However, she did not let it get her down, despite all her suffering. Soon after that ALice became blind and paralyzed. Though Alice's faith was still strong in her times of struggle.

Alice, the patron saint of charity to the poor was born on 1204, Schaerbeek, Belgium. Saint alice sadly died on June 11, 1250, La Cambre Abbey, Ixelles, Belgium. She was a young girl who was know throught the world as a beautiful and loving person.
Saint Alice lived a normal life
until the age of 7 when she chose to join a convent called
Camera Sanctae Mariae. Everyone there was inspired by Alice's humility, they all looked up to her.
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