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Complete Innovation Lead Generation Marketing Plan

Best practices for internet marketing

Manzeb Fatima

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of Complete Innovation Lead Generation Marketing Plan


We are going to generate high quality leads by focusing on Inbound Marketing Strategy for our website. It will attract potential customers, build relationship with the subscribers and respectfully nurture them to close deals.
Lead Generation Marketing Plan
Example Of Infographics
Our website is the main Hub.

We will focus on two main criteria
for our website.
- Increase traffic
- Improve conversion rate
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Inbound Marketing encompasses of a number of marketing tactics including:
Objective: Generate high quality leads

Testimonials is a powerful marketing tool, but adding photos or even rich media such as video can take them a step further.

Posting a small message about our services/products by the executive management, can help users feel more informed, engaged, and confident about the product/service.

Asset Download

Another common way to generate leads on your website is through content asset downloads. Have assets that will interest your website visitors, and in exchange you can ask for lead information.

Consider using a chat service to collect leads on your sites. "Contact Us" call-to-action is great but chats are also great for leads who have a question, but don't want to pick up the phone.
Online live chat software such as
Live Person
can enable a lead to enter their contact information and chat with an educated representative.

Another way to generate leads on your website is to offer a subscriptions to your blog, email program, or resource centre. In exchange for a lead's email address, you will send your blog digest, newest assets, or other valuable offers.

Website Scannability

Implement a heat-mapping tool, such as
Crazy Egg
, to get a better visualization of where people click and how they interact with the site. This will help create better structure of homepage and interior pages and will help simplify where to put your CTA's.
earch ngine arketing
Website Forms
When it comes to conversion rates, short forms outperform long forms. People dont want to waste time filling in information.
Example from
Keyword Research
Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner to find better and new search terms. Before implementing new keywords, you can research CTR estimates in Keyword Planner, so that you can determine conversion rate over time. Tools like
can help measure the results.
Authority and AuthorRank

Google Authority and AuthorRank take social signals and content authority into account so that search engines can give smarter, more relevant results. Claim ownership of your content by linking it to your Google+ Page.

Tracking and Results

Leverage Facebook's page Insights application, it provides fantastic analytics, tracks variety of engagement and ad performance metrics. It can help begin the conversation about your program ROI on social.

Be part of relevant conversation, target specific hashtags and relevant keywords.

Promoted Account and Trends
Make your Twitter account show up under the "Who to follow" list on your twitter page. Promoted accounts can also be placed in search results when someone searched for a particular topic or hashtag.
Twitter Lead Generation Card
Write a short description of why someone should obtain further communication from you, highlight the compelling offer, and add image with strong call to action. When someone clicks to expand your Tweet containing a Lead Generation Card, they'll see your offer and CTA with all their contact information pre-populated. With a single click, the user can send their email address, Twitter handle and name to you.


Use the "About Us" page on Google+ to give audience a quick overview of your business. From there you can link to specific pages and services, directing potential customers to the most important pages on your website.
Example of Twitter Lead Generation
Improving positioning of our Call-to-Action. Make sure CTA is on every page and a hyperlink to the corresponding landing page. Be crystal clear about CTA such as “Learn more about our company” or “Get a free article”.
- Readers are becoming inundated with text.
- Repurpose content you already have into something more visual.
- Use visual element such as, Webinars, infographics, eBooks, and guides.
- Use content from an uploaded article to create an infographic or a slide deck.
When it comes to converting leads and lasting impressions, websites is where the magic happens.

Areas to focus on our website:

- Write testimonials with clients photos
- Make your videos speak to the user
- Website Forms
- Chat
- Subscriptions
- Asset Download
- Website Scannability
- Call-To-Action (CTA)
The higher you rank in organic searches, the more people will find you.
2 Areas to focus for SEO:
- Keywords
- Authority and AuthorRank

Content is great for engaging audience via social media platform and redirect them to our website. If you show value to your followers, your lead generation efforts will have a true network effect.

As SEO and social have become increasingly intertwined, Google now uses social signals to determine how your company ranks in results. Engagement from your followers on social can actually boost your SEO.

Fostering social engagement requires valuable content: the more useful people find your content, the more they'll engage and share.
Email is a cornerstone of many marketing campaigns. Whether you’re hosting an event, sending out a new piece of content, or promoting a new service offering, email can deliver relationship-building communication at every stage of the funnel, especially to those leads that you already have in your database.
When to send an email
Time zone: You can segment your list and send emails by capturing IP addresses based on where subscribers live, so that your emails reflect the correct time zone.

Domain: Send emails to subscribers who register personal email domains (gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.) during the early morning and evening hours. Those using work-related domains (company.com) should receive emails during the day.
Paid Email Program
Paid email programs extend reach, attracts target audience, and increases the size of your database. With paid email, a sponsored email to high-quality targets is sent out on your behalf. Pick a reputable organization with a high-quality database that is filled with your target audience.
Example of Website Scannability
Email Subject line

Frame your subject line as a question. Questions compel readers to open your emails as they pause to consider the answer.

Make a psychological appeal. According to Copyblogger, the subject line “You are not alone” gets an average open rate of 90%. As you write your subject lines, keep basic human psychology in mind.

An opened email is one thing; a read email is another.
In conclusion

The Bottom Line for Best Lead Generation: Test, Test, Test to help improve conversion rates.

Use the right testing and analytical software’s such as, KISSmetrics or Google Website Optimizer.

Don’t be afraid to test different variations; you can always switch back if the old version worked better. It will be worth it when you’ve found a combination that increases your site conversions.
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