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Alex Rider Point Blank

By: Anthony Horowitz

Ryan Gardner

on 2 September 2012

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Transcript of Alex Rider Point Blank

Presented by
Ryan Gardner Summary Theme Symbolism Alex Rider Important
Details (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Point Blank Action
Spy By: Anthony Horowitz Alex Rider
Mr. Blunt Charaters Location Good


Ms. Jones Evil Good Alex Rider Favorite Part of the Book France The END Ian Rider London, England French Alps Paris In England, the book was released as "Point Blanc" and in the US, it was released as "Point Blank" Eva Stellenbosch Dr. Hugo Grief Head of the academy, Point Blank Dr. Grief's assistant My favorite part of the book is when Alex follows
the drug dealer onto a boat. Alex traps the drug dealers on the boat. Then Alex sees a crane behind him and climbs to the top where he sees a police station. Alex thinks that he can lift the boat with the crane and put it in the police station parking lot. Once Alex begins to move the crane, the construction workers see him and run toward him. Alex is able to lift the boat out of the water a little bit but, the boat falls. The police arrest Alex and put him in jail. Alex is only in jail one night and he wakes up in Mr. Blunt's office. A 14 year old secret agent, named Alex Rider works for an agency called M-16 in London. For his mission, he is sent to a boarding school in the French Alps, called Point Blank, to figure out why the dads' of two boys at the school have died. While at the school, Alex notices that all of the kids act very strange, like they are brainwashed. Alex finds out that Dr. Grief, the head of the school, is trying to take over the world by cloning the children of the most powerful men. PLOT Rising Action Introduction Climax Falling Action Conclusion Alex is arrested when he tries to lift a boat out of the water with a crane while following a drug dealer. Alex is given his mission Alex is sent to the academy undercover to investigate Alex finds out Mr. Grief has been cloning people. Alex is involved in a high speed chase while escaping the academy. Grief is killed in a helicopter crash Alex is told his mission was successful
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