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Interative Oral: Madame Bovary

No description

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of Interative Oral: Madame Bovary

Madame Bovary

Interactive Oral Presentation
Liiban Hersi, Audrey Cheung, Eric Han, Trisha Kandiah
What connections did you find between issues in the work and your own culture(s) and experience?
Do you think Emma could have ever been satisfied?
How much media do you come across in your day-to-day life?
How much does media affects people?
“She had read ‘Paul et Virginie,’ and she had dreamed ... of the sweet friendship of some dear little brother, who seeks red fruit for you on trees taller than steeples, or who runs barefoot over the sand, bringing you a bird's nest.” (page 27)
What aspects of technique are interesting in the work?
- “We were at prep, when the Head came in, followed by a new boy not in uniform and a school-servant carrying a big desk.” (p.1)
Why do you think Flaubert started with first person but then switched to an omniscient point of view?
- What do you think the reasons are in why Emma Bovary buys so much?
- “(Lheureux) would chat her about the latest deliveries from Paris, about dozens of feminine novelties, was most obliging in his manner,” (p.152)
- “Madame bought herself a hat, a pair of gloves, a bouquet. Monsieur worried dreadfully about missing the beginning” (p 178)
- “Emma gave in to this easy way of satisfying her impulses”.(p.152)

- Do you feel as if the descriptive language caused the story to be boring?
- “He made emphatic decisions; he wrote letters and tore them up, gave himself ultimatums which he subsequently ignored.” (p.80)
- "The evidence was instantly obvious to her, her heart leaped. The flame in the hearth cast on the ceiling a trembling joyful glow. She turned on to her back and spread wide her arms." (p.81)
- “He was in agony thinking out ways to declare his feelings; and, hesitating endlessly between the fear of displeasing her...” (p.80)

- “—Yes, charming! Charming! ...And in love? She asked herself. In love with? …With me! (p 81.)
- Why do you think Flaubert leaps between different character’s feelings and actions?
“...she rejected as useless all that did not contribute to the immediate desires of her heart.”
Overall, what possible reasons could motivate Emma towards her actions? (consumerism, media influence, dissatisfaction)
“Then she went upstairs again, locked her door, put coal on the fire and, swooning from the heat, felt the boredom pressing down heavier upon her.” (p.50)
"[...] a woman is continually thwarted [...] against her are ranged the weakness of the flesh and the inequity of the law. Her will, flutters, in every breeze; always there is the desire urging, always the convention restraining." (p.70)
“Down in her soul, the while, she was waiting for something to happen. Like a shipwrecked sailor, she perused her solitary world with hopeless eyes searching for some white sail far away where the horizon turns to mist.” (p.49)
How does Flaubert criticize romanticism while promoting realism aspects in the book?
“In the evening, visitors called. […] With heads bowed and legs crossed, they sat there swinging one foot, heaving a great sigh every so often; and everyone immeasurably bored; yet nobody wanted to be the first to go.” (p.271)
“Now everyone began to help themselves. Mademoiselle Lempereur sent a bill for six months’ lessons, though Emma had never had a single one; the lending library demanded three years’ subscription; Mère Rolet was claiming for the delivery of about twenty letters. […] He wrote to patients asking for fees now long outstanding. They showed him the letters sent by his wife. Félicité took to wearing Madam’s dresses.” (p.279) (after Emma’s death)
“—do you know what your wife needs? said Madame Bovary senior. She needs some hard work, some manual labour. If she were like nearly everyone else, forced to earn a living, she wouldn’t have these vapours of hers, which all come from stuffing her head with nonsense and leading a life of idleness.” (p.100)
Do you have any favorite sports, hobbies or activities?
"...each one had marked the beginning of a new phase of her life. She did not believe that things could be the same in different places; and since her life so far had been bad, the remainder of it would surely be better. " (page 68)
Have you ever been dissatisfied with a situation you could not control?
- "You leave the main road at La Boissière and you carry on along the slope as far as the top of the Côte des Leux where you can see the whole valley." (p.55)

- “For fear of looking ridiculous there, Emma fancied a stroll along the quay before they went in, and Bovary, prudently, kept the tickets in his hand, in a trouser-pocket, pressed to his stomach. " (p. 179)
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