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Missy Franklin

Grade Nine LA Inquiry Project

Colleen Moore

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Missy Franklin

May 10, 1995 - Present
Birthplace: Pasadena, California
Hometown: Cenntenial, Colorado
Parents: Dick and D.A. Franklin Missy Franklin I chose Missy Franklin because although she is famous and has won so many medals she hasn't let the fame or pressure get to her. She still has a bright and cheerful personality and realizes her position as a positive role model in her school and on her swim team. Also, Missy is a Chrisitian, and I indentify with her. Missy is an inspirational person, who always has a smile for everyone. She doesn't care about fame and fortune. Missy prefers the experience of college swimming to thousands of dollars in endorsments. She is an amazing swimmer, and is an overall amazing person. Why Missy? Although Missy is an Olympic swimmer, she is still a teenager and still enjoys doing things other teens like to do. Plus, she is still in high school and works hard to balance swimming and school. When she isn't swimming or doing schoolwork, she loves dancing, baking, reading and hanging out with friends Daily Life Before she was introduced to the national swimming scene, Missy was just a teenager with a swimming ability. Then, as a member of the US National team, she made her debut. At the World Championships, the world was introduced to Missy Franklin, who claimed 5 medals, including three gold. After two first place finishes at Nationals, it seemed like Missy had a promising future in swimming. That prediction turned out to be true. She dominated at Trials, qualifiying herself for 4 individual events and three relays. No Commercials Although Missy didn't grow up in a religious home, she considers God to be a very important part of her life. She currently attends a Catholic high school, where she grew in her faith. Missy says that God has been very close the past few years, and that he gives her guidance throughout this journey. She attributes all her success to the grace of God. Missy's Faith Missy is constantly giving back to the people around her. She is a positive role model to people on her swim team and in her school. Her teachers say that she has stepped up as a leader in her school. On the US National team, she encourages and inspires her teammates. Also, she trys to do small good deeds before every swim meet. No matter where she goes she always nrightens people with her smile and bubbly personality. Inspirational Force Melissa Jeanette Franklin Missy's Favourites Athlete: Natalie Couglin
Colour: Pink
Singer: Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber
Food: Macaroni and Cheese
Movie: Sound of Music
TV Show: CSI Miami and Glee
Stroke: Backstroke
Way to Relax: Listening to Music
Sports Team: Denver Broncos Why have we never seen an Olympic commercial with Missy Franklin in it? That's because one doesn't exist. Missy has given up thousands of dollars in endorsements in order to remain amateur. As an amateur, she is able to swim at a college level, which has beem a dream of hers for years. This dream will come true next fall, when she will swim for the Golden Bears at the University of California. Missy's Rise to Fame Olympics 2012 Olympic Trials 2012 US Nationals 2011 FINA World Championships 2011 200m Backstroke: Gold
4x100m Medley Relay: Gold
4x200m Freestyle Relay: Gold
4x100m Freestyle Relay: Silver
50m Backstroke: Bronze 100m Backstroke: 1st
100m Freestyle: 1st
200m Individual Medley: 4th 100m Backstroke: 1st
200m Backstroke: 1st
100m Freestyle: 2nd
200m Freestyle: 2nd 100m Backstroke: Gold
200m Backstroke: Gold
4x200 Freestyle Relay: Gold
4x100 Medley Relay: Gold
4x100 Freestyle Relay: Bronze
200m Freestyle: 4th
100m Freestyle: 5th Golden Goggles Awards 2012 Female Athlete of the Year
Best Relay Performance (4x100 Medley Relay)
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