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The outsiders


markus moyer

on 2 February 2010

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Transcript of The outsiders

The outsiders the plot is; when it all started with the fighting. WhenDarry slapedponyboy .then ponyboy went for a walk so he could cool down.then jonny stabbed bob the soc.Cause bob was drowding ponyboy. then jonny and ponyboy had to run off to windricsvile . then they hoped ontoa train then they spent a week in a church . then the church burnt down and jonny helped those kids that was playing in the church .then jonny had a really bad burns 3rd degree.the rumble happened the darry was in the hospital then ponyboy had a cuncusion then jonny died.then darry killed hiself by having a fake gun and then the cop killed darry
The charicters are; darry Ponyboy,bob , Jonny ,Soadapop the socs and the rest of the gang dallas randy , cherry the Outsiders takes placein Olklahoma in 1996. The conflicts are ; where Darry Slaped Pony boy
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