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Chew On This By: Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson

No description

gabriel welch

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Chew On This By: Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson

Chew On This By: Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson
The Gist
Chew On This is a collection of reports turned into a book telling all of the fast food industry’s secrets.
The book tells not only what goes on behind the scenes but why it is allowed.
I would surely recommend this book to any one.

Aha moment
"Behind them lies a simple explanation for why eating a hamburger can now make you seriously ill: there is poop in the meat." P.198

Analysis 1
This book is mostly factual, but it is biased, only presenting comments from people who agree with them. When the authors do present the fast food industry's side it is when they are trying to buy out teachers or trying to keep the two authors, Schlosser and Wilson, from meeting with schools for meetings.
Analysis 2
The information is accurate and clear but this book was written in 2006 so the information is not necessarily up to date but the topic is.
Analysis 3
The authors are biased.
This book is literally different reasons to keep people from eating fast food.
They present very valid points. For ex. how feces gets into the meat, and how the knives aren't cleaned.
Analysis 4
The evidence is very persuasive.
Schlosser and Wilson talk about how workers are treated poorly and the conditions that the food is kept in are worse. There was one point when a poop lagoon caught on fire and they couldn't put it out for four months.
Analysis 5: audience
Interested in health or health science.
Above the age of 11.
Prepared to learn the gross secrets of the fast food underworld.
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I think
Chew on This
is a very good nonfiction book.
It did not bore or bombard me with facts that I did not want to know.
It not only taught me about bacteria infested food I also learned about different lifestyles.
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