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The benefit of providing child care or day care for employee

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jose silva

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of The benefit of providing child care or day care for employee

The benefit of providing child care or day care for employees
By Jose Silva And Fabian Meraz

Maintaining a population of skilled, productive workers is a continual challenge for employers. For working parents, their challenge is often related to sourcing convenient, quality child care solutions. Today, many employers are stepping into this work-life challenge and have begun offering child care benefits that support the work-life balance of employees.
Despite budget crunches and space constraints that many companies face today,
employers have found that these benefits can produce a win-win solution resulting in loyal, satisfied employees that improve an organization’s overall productivity and reputation in the market, as well as provide long- term benefits to the overall community.

According to Hewitt Associates, 98 percent of major U.S. employers surveyed offer some kind of child care assistance to their employees. These programs are varied and range in scope, scale, and focus. Many of these employers found that the most important criteria to evaluate when developing a child care benefit solution is that it must adapt to meet the unique needs of parents and the goals of the organization.
Nearly a third of Best Companies offer an onsite child-care center. Here are 10 with the lowest monthly rates for a 3-year-old to attend.

Publix Super Markets 78 $130
SAS Institute 3 $410
Bright Horizons Family Solutions 83 $485
Aflac 77 $490
Chesapeake Energy 18 $560
Men's Wearhouse 55 $600
Meridian Health 96 $632
Baptist Health South Florida 42 $672
USAA 20 $680
Atlantic Health 65 $756

Additionally, employers with a distributed workforce, less available space at their headquarters or less ability to provide capital investment, may look at a resource and referral program or prioritized access to assist parents in sourcing and enrolling in child care within their local communities
It is well known that these programs are good for employers, increasing productivity and generating
a positive organizational image. Similarly, these programs help working parents spend less time worrying about the affordability or accessibility of child care and more time focusing on their careers.
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