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Poetry terms for Lang Arts 7

Terms and definitions for poety

LouAnn Kittelson

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Poetry terms for Lang Arts 7

Language Arts 7
Poetic Terms
Definition: The repetition of the same sounds at the beginning of words

Example: She sells sea shells down by the sea shore.
Definition: A reference in a work of literature to a well-know character, place, or situation in history, politics, science, or another work of literature, music, or art.

Definition: Non literal words or phrases to create mental images that connect to the five senses. It is used to make ideas more vivid.

Examples: Similes, metaphors, personification, etc.
Definition: Most common arrangement (meter) in English verse. It is a line that is ten syllable long that is accented on every second beat.

Example: http://video.about.com/shakespeare/What-is-Iambic-Pentameter.htm
Definition: Words that create pictures in a reader's mind.

Example: Sensory details
Definition: A comparison between two unlike things. A metaphor does not use "like" or "as."

Example: The sun was a lamp for all the world to read by.
Definition: The emotional attitude or feeling that a poem creates for the readers.

Example: The mood can be funny, scary, dark, sad, etc.
Definition: A poem that tells a story.

Example: " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas"
Definition: A figure of speech in which a word's sound suggests its meaning.

Example: Zoink! Moo! Crash!
Definition: When a nonhuman or nonliving things is given human qualities.

Examples: The camera loves me.
The moon is smiling.
Definition: Recurring sounds, words, phrases, or lines in a poem. It creates a feeling of unity or importance in a poem.

Example: "You're in my way."
Definition: The same or similar sounds at the end of words. Usually found at the end of a line.

Example: weigh, sleigh, play, grey
Definition: The regular pattern of accented and unaccented syllables in a poem. It is the 'beat' of a poem.

Definition: Two unlike things that are compared using the words "like" or "as."

Example: Eyes are like the windows to your soul.
Definition: Lines grouped together in a poem.

Example: A stanza looks like a mini-paragraph.
Definition: The speaker's or author's attitude toward the subject.

Example: Sad, insightful, excited, happy, etc.
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