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ramil dickersonr1

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of Shanbria,Ramil,kim,Corrie

Qin polices
Mountains & rivers divided china into distinct regions.
Customs,varried & people in each area has their own money.
Zhou Poliical System
The Zho kings claimed to possess the mandat of heaven.
Heaven gave power to the king or leader ,& no one ruled without heaven's permission.
Zhou came from an area to the west of the Shang kingdom.
Zhou dynasty
Zhou dynasty ,the orgins of native chinese philosphy devoloped.
Its stages beginning in 6th century bc.
Qin Achivements
New ,massive building projects also helped to unify .
Shi Haungdi's rule ,the Chinese built a network of roads that connected the capital to every part of empire.
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