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Inderpreet Darri

on 21 December 2016

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Transcript of Forest

What are the consequences associated with extraction of these resources?
Water pollution, less forests, air pollution, not as much clean air because of lack of trees, will disrupt food chain/food web, there will be endangered and extinct organisms, less wild life to enjoy, sound pollution, expensive and there will be less paper available.
How forest effects the people and organisms living in it
Topographical forest map

The forest effects humans because they want to build more buildings, and the trees are blocking their space so they cut down the trees to make more space.

Hi, today we will be talking about the forest ecosystem .


What are the different challenges (eg, disasters availability of resources) people face in this environment?
What are some natural resources found in a forest?
Trees, water, air, plants and animals are all found in a forest.
What is the process used to extract the resources?
When cutting down trees for timber they provide support activity's like estimating timber, forest fire fighting, forest pest control and reforestation.
What power source is used, what are the consequences?
Power saws are used to cut down trees. Trucks and other vehicles are used to carry away the timber. It creates pollution, ruins habitats, creates noise pollution that disturbs wild life, it scares away the animals from where their home is and worst of all, the trucks and other vehicles can squish the plants and animals living in the forest.

What products/ waste are generated from resource extraction?
Paper, fire wood, fuel wood, materials for buildings, wood pulp, soil improvement, fodder, soil erosion check, materials for a fence, and timber.
How are they disposed?
Burned, recycled, and some don't have to be disposed?
A biotic features
Rocks, soil water, sunlight, air rain, hills, temperature and air masses.
biotic features
Deciduous trees, birch trees, oak trees, eastern chipmunk, red tailed hawk, least weasel, white tailed deer , coyote, carpet moss, lady fern, and conman lime.
Forest Temperature

Since we can't do all the forests we chose these.

Deciduous Forest: The average temperature of the deciduous forest is 50F, in the summer the deciduous forest temperature is 70F. Winter in the deciduous forest doesn't come until December and the temperature is fairly cool and the average temperature is a little below freezing.
Tropical Forest
Tropical Rainforest: The tropical rainforest doesn't have winter or summer it's either really wet or it's really dry. The hottest temperature would be about 90-95F. The coldest temperature would be 70F. Information: http://www.blueplanetbiomes.org/rainforest.ht...
Thanks for listening to our presentation about forests, we hope you will care more about all of the organisms in the forest more.
http://mydeliciousdeciduousforest.weebly.com/ http://www.nrcan.gc.ca/forests
Discussion questions
Day 1
Ecosystems are made up of biotic and Abiotic elements, which depend of each other to survive.

It relates because the forest has biotic and a biotic features in it that count on each other to survive.

Discussion questions
day 2
Ecosystems are in contant state of change, the stages may be caused by nature or human intervention.

It relates because humans interfere with the forest ecosystem in many different ways that causes the forest to change.
Discussion questions
Human activities have the potential to alter the environment. Humans must be aware of these impacts and try to control them.

It relates because humans cut down trees and could cut down the whole forest to make human wants. Humans need to know that what they do hurts the animals.
Discussion questions
day 4
Natural events and human activities that change earths physical features can have social, political, environmental and aconomic consequences

It relates because the forest is getting chopped down or replanted by human activity's.
Earths physical features can be created or changed by both natural processes and human activities.

It relates because the forest can be changed by weather conditions or human activities.
day 6
Discussion questions
Discussion questions
How would we save the forest
We would save the forest by not using a lot of paper and using technology more at school. We would not cut down all of the trees in one area. Also we would not litter and pollute. We could walk, take the bus, carpool or bike instead of driving your car everywhere, to cause less pollution and make our forests a healthier place.
The ways in which people extract and use natural resources can have social econimic, political and environmental consequences.

It relates because wood is a resource that can be collected by human activity's.
Discussion questions
Day 7
There is a relationship between earths physical features and the distribution of natural resources and how people use these resources to meet their needs and wants.

It relates because when people cut down trees, the forest has less trees in it and it less healthy. Even though people want things, doesnt mean they can destroy the forest for their wants.
In these situations, many things are destroyed and lost:
-businesses etc
How do these challenges impact people and their homes, schools and businesses?
It impacts these things because it ruins them and wrecks them. For example, if there is s business in the path of a tornado, the business would be ruined and will take a while to repair again.
What political and economic impact does this disaster have on the city, the country and/or internationally?
It has a really big impact everywhere because it is a giant disaster and when it happens, it costs lots of money. But this isn't the citizens fault, the government has to deal with it and pay it.
In what ways did it affect the balance of the natural environment?
It affects the balance of the natural environment by ruining nature, living things, and livings things habitats. If there was a tornado in the forest for example, it would ruin everything in its way.
By: Jessica, Haley, Jesse and Inder :)
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