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"The Phenomenon of Place"

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fatima astolfi

on 8 November 2015

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Transcript of "The Phenomenon of Place"

"The Phenomenon of Place"

Christian Norberg-Schulz


-Theorist and professor of architecture.
-Associated with the Norwegia CIAM (1950).
-Co-director of Lotus International (magazine architecture debate).
-Authot of architectural and design history and theory key text on environmental phenomenology.
Something more than abstract location.
Three-dimensional organization of elements thet make up a place.

*Physical character:
Determined by "how things are".
We get the idea of a place by being there (five sense things) but also with the everyday experience in that place (feelings/data). Both things together makes an enviromental character.

A place can't be describe by means of scientific concepst. Is more than an abstract location.

"A place is given as such a character or atmosphere"
Descrives the aspect of place in geographical terms.
Use everyday words to create a sense of the space (like the word falling).
"Between earth and sky is the world. This is the house where the mortals dwell"
Distinguished between an outside and inside.

Natural elements: primari components

Man made elements: Settlement of different scale

Shelter and security
"the world becomes an inside when man is capable to dwell on it"
The estructure of place can be defined in terms of "landscape" and " settlement". It can also be analyzed by means of "space" and "character".

-Place are designate by nouns, real things that exist.
-Space, denote by prepositions. Can be conceptual, three dimensional geometry, or concrete, as perceptual field.
-Character, denote by adjetives. Is a general atmosphere, what feeling a certain place should have. It depends on the material and formal constitution os place.

This two concepst are interdependent.
Character is a more general term and more concrete concept than space.
Natural places: are the places in wich the man has not interfered in them directly or indirectly.

Man made place: are related to nature in three ways.
1.VISUALIZE: "understanding" of nature, "expressing" the existential foothold.
2.SYMBOLIZE: the understanding of nature.
3.GATHER: create an image or microcosmo for concretizes the world.

Thes three definition of man made place, are general aspects that allows us to dwelling and settling in the world. They have been modified so that men feels comfortable in them.
-DWELLING: Is the perfect relationship between a man and the place.
When a man dwell means that he is in a certain location with a certain character of that place. When you dwell in a place means that you belong to that place.
-GATHER: means that your everyday life-world has become habitual to you.

There are two psycological funtions that are primary aspects of a man dwelling in a place, they are the orientation or to know himself and the identification or how he feel in a certain place.

Like in a definition writen at the begining of the presentation, identification means to become "friend" with a particular enviroment, like a nordic with the ice, fog... or an arabic with burning su, sandy desert...

So, the identification and orientation are thing that would make a man to feel confortable in a certain place.

"Dwellin means to gather the world as a concrete building or thing"
Conclusion- Connect to actual architecture.
The principal basic of the architecture is to know the definion of what a place is.
"Belong to a place means to have an existential foothold, in a concrete everyday sense"
With the architecture we create places with different characters and spaces that make people who enjoy having different feelings, but feel comfortable in them.

Both housing and a shopping center locations are defined by the people who live there, but in turn, these places make each person independently have different feelings about them. These places together form a society, and this in turn, defined by each place that exists within that society, is what identifies and guides.

In my opinion, I think every place should have different characteristics that define, and you can not match a warm place with a cold, the spaces of both places should be different, since it is what defines them, not just defines places but the people who inhabit them.

The architecture must accommodate both local conditions and the conditions of people who are going to live.
*Genius Loci:
Denotes the essence of place.
(Roman concept).
What a thing is or what it wants to be.

Of a person, is defined in terms os schemata developed.
Become "friends" with a particular enviroment.
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