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Gender Roles

No description

Neng Vang

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Gender Roles

By Myder Yang, Neng Vang, and Gao Yang
Gender Roles
Stereotypes of a Male
Let’s think deeper: Knowledge issues
Stereotypes of a Female
How stereotype affect us?
Further Ideas or Things To Think About
Enjoy working on cars
Lazy and/or messy
Does not cry in front of people/hides their emotions
The carrier of the family lineage (legacy)
Suppose to be a gentleman- respecting women
Drafted into wars
Gets pointed out for hitting a women
Real-Life Situation:
There are two people who wants to apply for a job working as a construction worker. One of them is a man and one of them is a woman.
Should know how to cook
Supposed to do housework
Characteristics: sensitive, motherly, forgiving, empathetic, strong, caring
More smarter than boys
Cares a lot about their image
Women are not as strong as men
Do we sometimes use stereotype to our advantage, like using it as an excuse?
E.g. Hmong culture/ tradition

Do we use stereotype as a standard that we try to reach or prove wrong?

Where does stereotype even come from?
In what ways and to what extent does gender play a role in how we identify ourselves?
To what extent does oneself have the power to identify themselves in their own society?
What does this show about human behavior?
What is Gender?
: masculine or feminine; the socially constructed differences between men and women

biological sex
: male or female by physical features when you're born
Person A:
A guy named Jake is applying for a job. The job that he is applying for is at a daycare center. Jake has had some experience in babysitting. He is very excited for this job because he loves working with children. He knows how to play, teach, and motivate children.
Person B:
A lady named Sarah is also applying for the daycare job. Sarah has never taken care of children before. She is applying for this job so that she could earn a little extra money. Sarah do not mind taking care of children though since she is a friendly and caring person.
Ways of knowing

Perception, Language, Reasoning

: with how we see ourselves and how others see us by our physical appearance, how we act
: with what we say, how we project ourselves, our diction, use of language
: I am a girl, and because I am a girl and not a boy, therefore I will go to the women’s restroom
What is Gender? (cont.)
-The idea that there is a difference between gender identity and your actual biological sex
What is Gender? (cont.)
The idea that everyone self-identifies. What I mean is that everyone is able to identify themselves and see themselves differently than how most people see them. There are certain things that only you know about yourself. ex: Transgender people (they self-identify)
Researchers have found that the women are still the primary doer (The person who does something) of housework
Woman are responsible for most of the food shopping, child care, cleaning, cooking, and even for how the house looks.
However, today's men tend to do more housework compare to men of the past
Between these two, who do you think will get the job?
Person A
: Mary is a woman who is applying for a construction job. She is very excited for this position because she is very interested in architecture and building things. She is also very skilled in working with hands-on projects.
Person B:
Ben is a guy who is also applying for this construction job. He believes that he will be a great candidate for this job because he has a strong build and great strength. He has had some experience in working in construction. But in his previous job he was fired due to certain reasons.
This illustrates how, to some extent, people do have the power to identify and view themselves from others. They choose how to project themselves.
Informal Fallacies

Fallacy of Composition
: belief that what is true for the individual or part is also true for the group or whole
The idea that not only our biology, but also society shapes our identity
A lot of times it is not a choice for us to identify or shape ourselves. Ex: family, advertisement, school
The idea of determinism
Let’s Think
: Here, you can see that gender is also a factor when applying to jobs in the real-world. Your gender can make you more suitable or unsuitable for a position. What happens when two great candidates of different genders applies for the same job?
Who would you hire to do these things? Why?
What does this show about Human Behavior?
Society uses sex to socially construct gender. This also brings us to the idea that humans are inventors who create all sorts of organizations or sub-cultures that help to further identify themselves.
Helps people to further pursue their gender identity by having more ways to express themselves.
The next scenario deals with two candidates who are applying for a babysitting job
-The way you express your gender identity is a key to how yourself and others see you in society e.g. having masculine or very feminine qualities





Going back to the situation of the babysitting. Most likely through female stereotypes of women being more caring and good with children; Sarah may have the most chance in getting the job based on stereotype.

Also with the construction job, we may base our hiring on our own judgement of how they look. Therefore, because of the stereotype saying that men are physically stronger than women, most likely Ben will be hired for the job.

Overall, Stereotypes can be said to be a cause to how we view ourselves as a male or female, or not just based on gender, but stereotype as a whole. For example, stereotype based on race, size, family background, etc.
Take a moment.
Imagine that you have a little sibling who is 5 years old. Your family does not have time to take care of your younger sibling. The only option here is to hire a babysitter.
This babysitter offers to cook, clean the house, and even tutor your sibling.
Most of you probably imagined a woman as a babysitter instead of a man
Why is it that we sometimes categorize a specific job for one gender?

Does it has something to do with society?
For example we often think of a babysitter, nurse, fashion designer, and hairstylist as a job for a women.
Double standards
Here is something interesting to think about regarding the daycare job.
Human Sciences
Economics: decision on whether to hire a male or female, considering how women have to go on maternity leave when they are pregnant. When they leave on maternity leave they still get paid, versus a guy who is more flexible, doesn't have to leave but continue working for the company. Who would be the better one to invest in considering these factors?
When two comparable things are judged by two different criteria
Areas of Knowledge
Oh wait! Here's something to think about.

During the description, the gender of the babysitter was not mention. YET....
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