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The social context

No description

Zara Sahakyan

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of The social context

Values and norms!
The social context that shapes our talk
Our cultural learning provides us with two things
the perspective on life
so we can see things as normal, typical,expective, right or wrong!
The store house of knowledge about physical and social world we inhabit
Context- Where? When? With whom?
This surrounds each moment of talk and shapes the meaning of our words and jestures!
The biggest context of all other contexts is the SOCIETY'S CULTURE!!!! It's the store house for all that shared meanings we need to learn, so we can understand words and jestures!
It also permiates every pore of our minds and bodies and shapes every action we take and sound we make!

Context- culture!

Culture is the way of life of one generation,which is taught to the next generation, so that they can see the world in right way and behave as normal members of this group. This form of teaching is called socialization.
Cultural learning is never neutral!
For social life in general the perscriptions are called VALUES!
For the situation they are called NORMS or RULES of behavior!
If people travel to far away places and see people of different cultures, the first reaction often is "What's wrong with these people??? Instead of "How does this culture work?" Our first reaction is always value-judjement! A way of seeing is driven by our values! Our views are built over the ideas and actions of our society.
The right, true and proper things for everyone

(For social life in general)
they represent general values. They're often attached to socially recognized positions like being a proper parent . Or they may describe action patterns that happen anywhere in the society.
It's a general norm that during the conversation there's appropriate quantity: when the person asks you "How are you" , you are to respond in a short manner, not "telling a book". Or it will be considered odd.
Culture is also a store of practical knowledge! Children are socialized into understanding how the world and people work in physical world ("Why and how the Sun rises and falls every day" etc...).
And the social world!!!
The forces visible and invisible that tie us as a group!

Starting from language- the first thing people do is giving names! Culture teaches all. Every society teaches, and most importantly, performs every day for children. Children learn language more by observations than by exortations.
To know how our culture works, we compare it to others'.

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