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dawson morris

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Electricity

Electricity What makes circuits work Conductors and insulators Switches Changing curcuits Curcuit diagrams Curcuits always need to be
complete for them to work
so the wires have to go in a
loop around the item and back
what makes a closed circuit
work is the fact that the circuit
is closed is what makes it operate.
just as an open curcuit dose not operate. Many materials will let
electricity travel through
them these materials are
called conductors Conductors of electricity are materials
that let electricity pass through them.
A good conductor of electricity is
something that allows electricity to flow
smoothly. Some conductors include silver,
copper, gold, aluminum, and calcium.

A peice of medal in a curcuit
allows electricity to go through
it so the bulb lights up other medals
do not let electricity pass through them
there called insalators. There are differant
insalators like plastic rubber or glass the
plastic doesnt allow electricity through by:dawson&taylor A curcuit with a cell and a
bulb is not useful because
to turn a lamp on and off
you would have to take out
a wire Swiches are good because
they give you alot of control
over the curcuit A way to change curcuits
are adding more bulbs or
cells. When adding more bulbs
to a curcuit the bulb will glow
dimmer because the bulbs need
to share the electricity that the
cell gives When you need to draw a curcuit
you can use curcuit symbols to
show the differant componants. Each componant has a
symbol the symbols are
the same for everyone
so that people can see
others diagrams Curcuits that arent complete
wont work because the electricity
is not able to travel around them
properly. A power sorce can be either
battery or mains. Mains electricity
is more powerful than batterys. Iron, steel, copper, silver,
and gold are good
conductors. Switches come in all shapes
and sizes like people and there
are differant types two types
you might use are push switches
and toggle switches. Adding more cells in a line
to a curcuit will make the bulb
glow brighter because theres
more electric power, but if you use
to many cells the bulb will burn
out you can also change a
curcuit by changing the
length of a connecting
wire when the wire gets
longer the bulb gets dimmer. When using curcuit symbols
you should draw curcuit diagrams
to represent a curcuit. They are
used for drawing curcuits in a way
that anyone can undersatand. once you know the differant
curcuit symbols you can learn
how to build curcuits from
curcuit diagrams that other people
have drawn.
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