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No description

riley sheriff

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Utopia

Near the equator in the middle of the Pacific Ocean
Far distance from any other land masses
Tropical Climate with sandy beaches
The recommended language is English; however, everyone is allowed to speak their native tongue.
English as a language is a mandatory class to take; however, there are multiple classes taught in different languages.
Mandatory classes include:
Basic math up to Algebra I
Basic Language Arts/Grammar
Basic History
Basic Science
Higher level classes are completely optional and are tailored to the career you want.
Mandatory schooling from ages 5-16.
School is optional past age 16.
Everyone who lives in Tropicoconana has freedom of religion.
Anyone is allowed to set up a church of and worship their own religion.
Imports and Exports
Iodine (to purify water)
The type of energy the island has is:

Solar Power
Wind Turbine
Justice System
Do not Steal
Do not Vandalize
Do not Murder
Do not harm others
Minors must be in their houses by midnight
The legal age to drive is 16
The legal age to drink and vote is 18
All people are free to chose their beliefs and have freedom of speech
If you commit a serious crime, such as murder, you will be relocated off the island.
If you commit a minor offense, such as theft or vandalism, you will have to do community service or jail time.
Your punishment will be decided by the population of the island to a certain extent.
The people of Tropicoconana believe in maintaining a free and peaceful society to live in, where violence and crime will be given justice. Here, people can speak the language of their choice and practice the religion they believe in. The people of Tropicoconana establish these laws that we have created and believe in.
There is a clinic in every town on Tropicoconana
The main hospital is located in the capital.
The healthcare on Tropicoconana is very affordable and well-run.
Tropicoconana has a Democracy.
The people have a say in the leaders of the island and in the punishment of criminals.
On this island, the people rule. There are a few leaders to keep things running, but they have little power.
The people decide how things work on the island.
Daily Life
All adults go to work daily
Some Jobs may include:
Working in Agriculture
Managing the energy (solar and wind)
Teaching in schools
Working in the Capital
All Children ages 5-16 attend school Monday through Friday (5 hours each day)
People travel either by car or helicopter, since some places may be difficult to get to.
There are streets throughout the towns and connecting the towns.
All minors must be in their houses by midnight.
Houses are organized into small neighborhoods throughout each town.
Tea Cup Pig Buffet festival happens once a year, lots of teacup pigs are invited to come and eat fruit and other delicacy's from our island.
Tribo-pibi-cibo-cibo-niba-niba Day is when we celebrate the day we were founded which was June 22, 1950.
Banana Day some people dress up as bananas, others as gorillas and we play a huge game where all the gorillas chase the bananas.
It is meant to celebrate that we have so many bananas on the island and because they are such a main part of our diet.
Tropi-hula Day where everyone wears leis and exchange gifts
Tropicoconana was founded June 22, 1950 by Edwardo Bananamon while he was traveling the pacific ocean in search of a place with many coconuts and bananas.
He named it Tropicoconana because of his name and the fact that it was a tropical island which had lots of coconuts and bananas.
He died tragically in 1965 when he fell from a coconut tree.
Tropicoconana started off with very few people but grew and grew with the growing popularity of our coconuts and bananas.
In 1972, the first teacup pig was introduced to Tropicocnana when an American farmer brought a few.
We came up with Poconista dancing in 1984 which involves dancing with pigs
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