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Saint Patrick

No description

Emily Richardson

on 26 March 2011

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Transcript of Saint Patrick

Saint Partick of Ireland Biography Yearning Searching The apostle of Ireland, Saint Patrick, was born in the year of 387 in Kilpatrick, near Dumbarton, Scottland( though the exact date is uncertain). hiis parents were Calpurnius and Conchessa,who were Roman.At the age of 16, Patrick was captured by irish marauders. He spent the next six years working for his mastere as a shephered, untill he escaped. Once free of slavery Saint Patrick spent the rest of his years devoting himself to God and the People of Ireland. Saint Patrick died at Saul, Downpatrick,Ireland on 17th of March, 493. The day of his death became his feast day which Ireland celebrates all that he did in his life time . Saint Patrick always had Christianity in his life but as a child, it wasnt a strong beleif. His captivity made him turn to God more strongly as he was a lone in land run by Druids and Pagans. One dat he was warned by an angel of danger and fled captivity back to his home country. When St Germaine entered his great mission at Austere, Patrick put himself under his guidance. At the Bishop's hand , did Patrick become a priest and lead to become Ireland's future apostle The visions Saint Patrick received from God helped him in his search and mission for god . In his journey to his home town he met with friends. Once home, he felt his heart was set on devoting himslef to God. The visions he received once he escaped captivity told him of what he had to do. From here he put himself under the guidance of St. Germaine to become a priest Awareness St. Patrick's understanding of God grew as he received visions if what he had to do so under the guidance of God and his angels. Parick knew God was telling hi to save himself from salvery as he had a differebt path in the eyes of God. He was tell the people if Ireland about God and his teachings. He taught them about God by preaching to the people and building churched all over Ireland Response Patrick changed his life from an ordinary man to becoming a priest to following his new foudn belief and spurutyality he had found in God. By building churches all over irealnd, he demonstrate his spirituality as well as the spirituality found in God to the people of Ireland.St Patrick's influence over Ireland lead to the adopting a religion. Therefore become a Christian beleif country. 17th of march:
feast day Born 387 Died 17th of
march, 493 Received visoins Bibliography
*ezinearticles.com/?Patron-Saint-of Ireland---The-Story-of-Saint-Patrick&id=4857305
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