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Marlene Muniz

No description

marlene muniz

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Marlene Muniz

Marlene Muniz
Animal Cruelty
Topics of Discussion
Abuse & Neglect
People Who Abuse Animals
Testing on Animals
Animals Rights
Abuse & Neglect
Patches on missing hair
Bleeding Wounds
Left in a heated car
Ignoring them

Shooting them
People Who Abuse Animals
People use animals like toys and never like living creatures.
Testing on Animals
people sell organs from animals for money.
Animal Rights
Animals should be free from any danger.
Animals should have the freedom to roam in their habitat. It's like humans treat dogs very carefully. We should stop the abuse and start looking out for an animal in trouble. That we can be respected by them. They help us stay alive in the world.
Alexis Taite
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