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A cell is like a... Starbucks

No description

Kendall Church

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of A cell is like a... Starbucks

The nucleus is the manager because they conduct the store in the correct manner. They keep all the other employees ( organelles ) in line and make sure they are doing what they are supposed to. The manager controls the store, as the nucleus controls the cell.
The ribosomes are like the coffee machine at Starbucks because they create the coffee like the ribosomes create the proteins. the ribosomes take the amino acids to create the protein kind of like the coffee machines take the coffee beans to make the coffee. the coffee machines are the main source for the coffee as the ribosomes are for the cells protein.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
The endoplasmic reticulum is a lot like a Starbucks barista. This is because the barista and the coffee machines (ribosomes) work together to make the coffee (proteins).
Image by Tom Mooring
Starbucks Cell Analogy
Golgi Bodies
We compared the Golgi bodies to the Starbucks delivery trucks. This is because the Golgi bodies package, modify, and deliver the proteins throughout the body. This is just like how the Starbucks delivery trucks deliver the Starbucks coffee to all the Starbucks cafes.
Cell Membrane
Cell Walls
The cell membrane is
a lot like the
Starbucks counter.
This is because the
cell membrane
protects the cell from
foreign invaders and keeps the cell together. This is like the Starbucks counter by the counter keeps the customers(foreign invaders) away from the machinery and the employees inside the working
The lysosomes are like the garbage disposal in Starbucks. This is by lysosomes digest food and waste in the cell, just like the garbage disposal grinds food that is not needed anymore.
The vacuoles are like the storage units
and refrigerators that Starbucks uses. They are alike because the vacuoles store vital nutrients of all sorts for the cell, and Starbucks refrigerators/storage units store the food and ingredients required to make Starbucks drinks.
The proteins are like Starbucks coffee
by the proteins are the products of
the cell and Starbucks coffee is
one of the products of
The walls of
Starbucks are
like the walls of
a cell. This is
because the walls of Starbucks protect
the store from weather and gives
structural support. The cell wall is alike
by it's ways of protecting the cell
from harmful things inside the
The mitochondria is
alike the Starbucks
blender because the
mitochondria is the
powerhouse of the cell.
The Starbucks blender
blends the coffee or the
energy of Starbucks into
their products. The
blender and the mitochondria both
produce/give energy.
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