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Clothing In New France

No description

Brady Dyson

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Clothing In New France

Clothing in New France (1670s) And Clothing In Canada (today)
Men's Clothing - New France
Men's Clothing - Today
Today men wear a great variety of clothing styles. Their job can effect the clothing they wear for example suits worn by business professionals.
Clothing styles are casual (track pants, t-shirts, jeans, running shoes)
Wealth dictates clothing choices (brand name shows status)
Men have many more colour options then in the 1670s.
Almost all clothing is store bought not hand made - produced all over the world in factories
Women's Clothing - New France
Women in New France wore white cotton blouses that were short sleeved and open at the neck.
They covered their hair with quilted bonnets that were tied under their chin.
Women's stockings were made of wool and held up by garters at the knee.
Aprons were made of dark woolen fabric and they wore white aprons in public.
Bodices were fitted garments with basques and sleeves tied at the front and back.
Women's Clothing - Today
Today the majority of women wear pants instead of dresses. They have many more colour, fabric and style options.
Women's clothing can be dictated by her job or time of day. For example business suits are common for professional women.
Most women no longer cover their hair with quilted bonnets.
Aprons are not worn in public but are occasionally worn for cooking.
Most men were farmers - made from rough durable fabrics - wool and canvas
Men in New France wore wide brimmed
hats and knee breeches
Shirts were made of white cotton that had a collar and buttoned cuffs,
Pants made of woolen fabrics that were
fitted at the knee with knitted long wool
Ties of fine canvass and were tied at the neck
with both ends falling over the chest

Season Clothing - New France
Harsh cold winters in New France
Woolen underclothes were worn all year round - in winter for warmth and in summer absorbed perspiration
Women wore several skirts for warmth
To survive the cold winter - habitants would copy some of the First Nations clothing - mitten and moose leather boots lined with beaver fur and fur lined coats - moccasin type footwear for warmer seasons
Clothing Materials - New France
Most clothing was made by hand using durable fabrics such as wool, canvas, cotton and hemp
Wealthy people used linen, silk and lace
Leather was used for shoes
Clothing was lined with beaver fur and other animal pelts - learned from the First Nations to keep warm during the long winters in New France
Making Clothes - New France
Most clothing was made in the home by women
Wealthier people may have had clothes made by a tailor or sent from France
Spun cloth would be used or woven fabrics would be used
Hand sewn using needle and thread
Sheep would be sheered and spun into wool - used for knitted clothing
Animals would be skinned and the pelts would be used to line winter clothes
Wealth and Status - New France
In New France clothing for both men and women of the lower classes was generally made with rough or woolen fabrics
The bourgeoisie had many more colours to choose from
The ornate clothing of the nobility was made of luxurious fabrics well beyond the reach of the other classes
Lower classes settled for imitating the clothing of the nobility
all but the wealthiest people wore clothes that were made in the home
As the town began to develop the more wealthy citizens began dressing in more elegant clothing similar to that worn in France
Clothing in France
Felt hats were worn to show status and wealth - felt was made from the beaver pelts from New France
Fabrics were much richer and higher quality than those used in New France - gold, lace trim on blouses and shirts
Women's dresses were more fancy and less practical - more lace and beading
Men wore wigs to indicate status in society or government
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