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All Campus Organization Assembly

ACOA spring 2010

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Transcript of All Campus Organization Assembly

all campus
organization assembly brought to you by
the Student Leadership Program and the Center for Leadership and Involvement Why ACOA?? To promote awareness and to serve as a bridge of communication between all University of Wisconsin Madison Student Organizations. increase interaction and collaboration

work on common goals and ideas
Meet New People! brainstorm ways to tackle the challenges of running student organizations on campus.
Can Help Collaboration Advertisement Increasing
Attendance Problem
Solving Networking Agenda
welcome & introductions
get to know your fellow student leaders!
short presentation by the organization development consultants
table talk discussion
open forum
announcements Organization Development Consultants Mission: To provide student leaders
the tools and resources necessary to
run effective student organizations. The Center for Leadership and Involvement is the hub for getting involved on campus and developing your leadership potential. Become a Leader Get Involved Stay Connected Become a Leader Table Talk

you should be sitting at a table with people who have the same animal as you

grab a question card, located on the table.

form a circle with your group and find a partner next to you

Introduce yourself to your partner (name and organization) and take turns asnwering the questions on your partners card

When we yell switch! trade cards with your partner and the odd people will move one person to their right & meet someone new.
Thanks for Coming! Become a Leader Get Involved Stay Connected Ice Breaker Activity Find someone in the room you do not know

Share with yout partner:
Your name and year
What organization(s) you are in
What position you hold in that organization
What your organization does on campus Debrief

Move back to your tables and share some of the answers you heard from others!
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