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Cell Presentation-Hospital

No description

Sara Haq

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Cell Presentation-Hospital

By: Sara Haq Cell Presentation- Hospital Nucleolus: Hospital's CEO Cell & Hospital The Nucleolus is the center of the nucleus Nucleus: Administration Nuclear Envelope: Security The Nuclear Envelope is a Double-layered membrane around the nucleus Cell Membrane: Doors The cell membrane controls the movement of the materials into and out of the cell Cell Wall: Outside Walls The Cell wall gives structure and shape Chloroplast: Cafeteria The chloroplast turns sugar into food The Nucleus controls the activities of the cells The hospital administration handles everything that goes on in The CEO is the main person in the administration Controls the administration and hospital Used to create building blocks of cell proteins Protects the nucleus Security protects people from harm People come in and out of doors to access the hospital the outside of the wall keeps the hospitals structure and shape The cafeteria provides food for people Called photosynthesis Golgi Body: Mail Department The Golgi body imports packages all around the cell Sends important information out The mail department is where things are packaged up to be sent out Lysosomes: Custodian Lysosomes Break down food and worn out cell parts for cells The custodian cleans the hospital Kills all the bad stuff Mitochondria: Electricty Mitochondria is the "Power house" Primary energy source Electricity gives hospital power Cytoskeleton: Inside Walls The cytoskeleton helps maintain shape inside the cell Inside the hospital it maintains the shape of it Ribosomes: Doctors Ribosomes make protein Doctors provide medicine for the patients Rough ER: Hospital rooms The rough ER Recieves and modifies proteins made by ribosomes Docters and patients are in the hospital rooms Docter tells patients to take medicine Smooth ER: Pharmacy lacks ribosomes and makes lipids Pharmacy supplies medicine for the patients Vacuoles: Storage Room Vacuoles store nutrients and food The storage room has the supplies for the patients Cytoplasm: Information management Jelly like substance that holds organe Information mangement takes care of all the departents in the hospital
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