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Complex Sentences

No description

Lauren Schmidt

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of Complex Sentences

Complex Sentences
What is a Complex Sentence?
Has one independent clause and one subordinate/dependent clause.
Contains a
subordinating conjunction.
Subordinate/dependent clause

has the conjunction!
A subordinate clause (dependent clause) operates under the power of an independent clause.
But what does that mean...
If you are dependent, you rely on someone or something to help you out, right?

A dependent clause depends on the independent clause to make sense and be complete.
Without the independent clause, a dependent clause is an incomplete thought...

After we got home (Well, what happened then?!)

After you missed the bus (Yikes, then what happened?!)

What's a clause again?
CLAUSE= Subject + Verb
The subordinate clause does not express a complete thought!
Subordinating Conjunctions
A- after
A- although
A- as
W- when
W- while
U- until
U- unless
B- because
B- before
I- if
S- since
After the storm subsided,

we went out to inspect the grounds.

The ticket
that you received in the mail

is the right one.

You will be able to ride with us
unless you would rather take the train.

If the trees shed their leaves during the next two weeks
I could use some help with the raking

Let's Practice!

1. After his assistant arrives, Van will go home.
2. Because it was expensive, we couldn't buy the house.
3. Rob returned the library book as soon as he found it in his locker.

4. This is the video game.
5. The cars sped by on the highway.
6. Those winds continued to howl.
Identify the main clause in each sentence.
Change these simple sentences into complex sentences by adding at least one subordinate clause.
Dependent = Subordinate
They are referring to the same thing!
Let's Review Compound Sentences quick!
Contains a
coordinate conjunction
At least 2 subjects and 2 verbs.
Don't forget your comma!
Last night I went to Elf the musical, so I am tired today.

The coffee shop had a few customers at six this morning, so Alex suddenly decided to stop.

We are going to Missouri for Christmas, and my brother hates riding in the car.
What are the conjunctions?
What are the subjects and the verbs?
Yes you need to memorize these!
Try removing the white portion of the sentence. Does it still make sense?





it was raining,
the boys had to stay inside.




The dog started to shake
the thunder boomed.
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