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Negotiation Analysis

No description

Helene Kuchta

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of Negotiation Analysis

Solution of Conflict
Theoretical Framework
- Greenhalgh Model of Conflict Resolution
- Dual concerns model

Alternative Outcomes
Structure of the Presentation
The Negotiation Scene
Negotiation Analysis
Laura González Hernández, Patricia Gracia, Helene Kuchta, Susanna Pickl

1. The Negotiation Scene

2. Description

3. Solution

4. Theoretical Framework

5. Alternative Outcomes
Greenhalgh Model On Conflict Resolution
Dual Concerns Model
Negotiation criteria

two parties negotiate by choice
conflict of needs, give-and-take process
solution meets the objectives of all parties
negotiation is preferred over fighting openly
management of tangibles and intangibles

Interpersonal and intragroup conflicts

Interpersonal conflict (Daenerys and Kraznys)
Intragroup conflict (Daenerys and her companions)

Negotiation between Daenerys and Kraznys

Army of needed | 8000 for sale (+ ones in training)

Price too high | Dragon as payment

Deal is done (+ translator as a gift)

Result: Daernerys gets army + ones in training + translator
Kraznys gets dragon

After the scene: dragon kills Kraznys
Hardball tactics
Aggressive behavior
False Facts

Manipulating tactics
• Dilemma of trust
How much of the truth did Daenerys tell?

• Dilemma of honesty
How much of what the other part said did Daenerys believe?

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