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University Of California Los Angeles

No description

Agassi Student

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of University Of California Los Angeles

University Of California Los Angeles Kai Lide
Why am I going to UCLA?
Hello my name is Kai and today i brougth you a projectWell in my opinnio the university of California Los Angeles is a good school or collage for me becasue most of the stuff i am intrested in is at UCLA and i will be able to finish school so i can continue my Youtube career and get another job and be able to the point were I dont have to worry about school if i can just do my work
The Housing at UCLA is modern and big so if i we to roommate with someone i knew then i would have to sign some papers or i would have to do it earlyier in the year
Should you go to UCLA.
My Goals and my Legacy
my goals are to get better at math to begin a new journey for my education and to get better at all my subjects so my names kai lide and this is my Collage im going to
History Of UCLA
The Vermont Avenue campus of the University of California (known as UCLA's "Southern Branch") opens, offering two-year undergraduate teachers-training programs.The Regents of the University of California adopt the name "University of California at Los Angeles" in place of "Southern Branch."

Were is UCLA Located?
The University Of Los Angeles is in California Los Angeles and it has good sheltering at UCLA at UCLA they have modern apartments like this
At UCLA they have a electronics class and then i can learn more about the meaning of electroncis and more about ELECTRONICSA!!!!
Dinning at UCLA?
I think in my opinion the the dinning food is actualy pretty good and it will last you the rest of the day and all the stuff at UCLA is modern mostly the rest is buildings that have already
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