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The Day of Destiny from Le Morte d'Arthur

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Emma Urban

on 17 May 2014

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Transcript of The Day of Destiny from Le Morte d'Arthur

Sir Thomas Mallory
Author of Britain's most famous work on King Arthur
Was a knight familiar with chivalric romances
Served in France during Hundred Years' War and the siege of Calais in 1436
Elected to Parliament at least once
Died in 1471, possibly from the plague
Series of arrests for theft, burglary, assault (only accusations, no convictions - may have backed the wrong side in a political conflict)
Using Celtic and Continental sources, Malory created a mythic Arthur who later became the embodiment of British values
Feudal order was phasing out when Malory's work was published
"The Day of Destiny" from
Le Morte d'Arthur

Le Morte d'Arthur
Contains a series of tales about the birth, education, adventures, and death/disappearance of King Arthur
First persuades knights to unite in fellowship of the Round Table and to dedicate themselves to chivalric code of honor
Human frailties gradually corrupt the fellowship
Arthur becomes vulnerable to evil forces, personified by Sir Modred
The Legend of King Arthur
"The Day of Destiny" from
Le Mort d'Arthur
Read "The Day of Destiny" on pages 216-222 in your textbooks
Complete reading questions1-7. Submit your answers in your Google Drive submission folder before Thursday's class
Romance Hero
We keep our heroes and the values they respect alive through storytelling
"Romance" term applied to verse narrative that traces the adventures of a brave knight or other hero who has overcome danger for the love of a noble lady/other high ideal
Typical medieval romance is set in a world in which the ordinary laws of nature are suspended and idealize heroes fight & almost always conquer forces of evil
Mallory's archetypal romance hero:
Born under mysterious circumstances
Grows up in obscurity
Undergoes a childhood initiation involving a magic weapon
Fights to defeat evil and promote peace as an adult
Aided by magic weapons, wise mentors throughout his life
Mysterious events surround his departure from the world, suggesting his return when needed
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