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Research/Presentation Assignment

No description

Derek S

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of Research/Presentation Assignment

Challenges of Global Business Challenges of Global Business Branding Difficult Decisions? Table Of Contents During this presentation, I will discuss: Branding
Time Zones
Cultural Barriers

Currency Role Player Language Fixable?
By: Derek Set Your Business Apart! Use Your Head It's GOOD to be different! Lower Currency Higher Currency Government Involvement Research Time Zones Deal or No Deal? Workers in London, England are likely already off work when it's
4:00pm in Toronto. Make a Deal
Cultural Barriers Don't Make Them Mad Different Culture:Different Holidays If the Ad Appeals to you, Does it Appeal to Them? Example of Chinese Advertising:
Pepsi Effective? Questions? What is the Competitor Doing? How BIG is your Market? Make Your Ads Speak About YOU! Don't Toy With Consumers Miracle Whip - We Will Not Tone It Down Consumers Will Tear You Apart! "Hey Miracle Whip - exactly how ****ing stupid do you think people are?"
- Youtube Viewer
German Coast Guard - Funny Leave an Impression Michael Jordan Nike Ad Sources Cited Available Online, http://ezinearticles.com/?How-Currency-Exchange-Rates-Effect-Global-Business&id=1505597
Available Online, http://www.harzing.com/program5.htm, 2010
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Available Online, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n1vtZR16RY July 20th, 2009
Available Online, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45mMioJ5szc August 25th, 2006
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