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Lakota Sioux Indian Tribes

Learn about how the Sioux lived.

David Petrulis

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Lakota Sioux Indian Tribes

The Basics The Lakota Sioux What was the Lakota Sioux' Culture? Culture What did the indians have for their food source? Food Where did the Lakota Sioux live? What did they do to keep warm? What did they wear? Shelter Fantastic Facts The Sioux Indians made and lived in tee-pees that were designed for mobility. They were constructed by wooden posts and buffalo skins. So, if they had to be ready to strike camp, or to follow a roaming buffalo herd, they could just pack up and leave in an hour. Also, their design help keep them warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. Food Preparation Women used stone mortar and pestle to grind herbs, spices, and other dried fruit. Scrapers and knives were made from bone strong enough to cut through hide and meat. Women also used bags made from animal skin to gather food like chokecherries, potatoes, and wild fruit. Hunting Gathering Food The men hunted, elk, and deer. But their favorite game was buffalo. The buffalo had many uses: food, clothing, shelter, and more! The women gathered potatoes, and other fruit from the land around their campsite. They cooked the buffalo flesh in pits before eating or dried strips or raw meat and pounded it. The Sioux was a resourceful, and skilled people. Until exposure to European influences, these native americans fashioned tools from materials available to them depending on where they lived at the time. Materials included the bones, hides of animals, stone, and wood, which was sometimes only available in limited amounts. Like many people native to North America, the Sioux held animals in great respect, and they utilized the entire body of the animals they hunted, wasting nothing. Fishing Sioux Tribes who camped near a river or lake fished by harpoon fashioned with an arrowhead on one end or using long spears. Men would also shoot an arrow tied with a rope to pull a fish in after it was hit. Game (Hunting Animals) Transportation The Sioux tribes who lived near rivers or lakes carved wooden canoes from trees to move around. Nomadic tribes followed buffalo herds, so they had to live in mobile homes to follow them. Women carried their house and belongings on heavy posts and sometimes used horses or dogs to pull their things on a sled-like tool called "travois" to help with work. Mothers carried their babies tied to their backs in cradle boards when working, gathering food, or moving camp. The Lakota Sioux lived in the Eastern Plains, they built birch bark lodges, but Western Sioux didn't have any access to trees. They sometimes traveled many miles to find and collect wooden poles for their frames of their tipis. Using needles made of animal bone, women sewed together buffalo hides under the watch of an eye of an elder; they attached the hides to the frames of their tipis with handmade rope. The Lakota Sioux made clothes from the skins of buffalo, deer, and elk. The men used the materials to make birch tree cloths and leggings while women made dresses from them. The Sioux made moccasins to keep their feet warm in the fall and winter. Chiefs wore feathered war bonnets to this ensemble. It the time of war and festivity, the Sioux painted their faces and bodies. Cool Pictures Are there any more things that we need to know about the Lakota Sioux Indians? Basic Sioux Virtues
-Generosity -Respect -Wisdom
-Respect -The Honoring of Family
-Wisdom -Consensus -Balance The Sioux Life force was the "Wakan" which affects humans in positive and negative ways. Reservations-
-Minnesota x4 -Montana x1 -Nebraska x1 -North Dakota x2 -South Dakota x9
-Canada x7 Who are the Lakota Sioux? Sioux is a pronunciation of the Objiwa word for poisonous snake- Nadoweisiw Leaders were judged by whether they provided for the community. Tradition was interpreted by councils of prominent men. The Sioux are closely related to tribes from the Woodlands, Transitional, and Plains cultures. Now, do you get the picture?
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