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Copy of Communication Kit

No description

Henning Rieseweber

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Communication Kit

Social Media

Website Development
Persona : SME's - More finance focused
Much less
Communication Strategy
Online Platform for the Social Enterprise
Face to Face communication
Via contacts and reccomendations
It’s a one vesak full moon day, Vesak the most important festival for the Buddhist’s. It's the celebration of the birth, the enlightment and the cremation of the Gautama Buddha. The entire Sri Lanka celebrates this day together. One set of devotees Wearing white, carrying flowers on your hand, blessing everyone with a bright big smile with “ Budu Saranai” – meaning “ may the blessings of the lord Buddha be with you”. Another set of devotees giving “dansal” offering food and drinks to the people going on pilgrimage.
On this day my family and I went on a pilgrimage too. We were climbing a rock and on top of is a dagoba housing the relics of lord Buddha. The weather was hot, the rock was heated up and we climb in bear feet with white flowers and the food offered by dansal’s on our hand. And then “Boooom” I slipped and fell down few steps, seated on the floor I looked around. On one end the devotees are giving away food and on the other end the receivers are throwing away the left over’s. it was full of plastics, banana peels and many more. My dad came to my rescue and while lifting me he said “if Lord buddha was still alive” he would have had a 6th percept. And it would say “Protect the environment that houses you”. I took a big plastic bag around me just that moment and climbed the rock while collecting all that garbage. One old lady looked at me and said “that’s a very nice thing you’re doing” and she dropped the plastic bag on her hand on to mine. And I told myself there is so much for us to do to the environment we are living in. Here am I “Jayashri Ranaweera” from Sri Lanka going to reduce & create value to industrial wastage by introducing re-using, recycling avenues and teaching new techniques for the factory line workers to reduce waste.

Corporate Design
Public Speaking & Presenting
Venture Plan Spotlights
I'm Jayashri Ranaweera,
I want to build a platform to cultivate sustainability & better waste management in
Sri Lankan Small & Medium Scale Enterprises
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