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I love Prezi

Prezi for Sonet

Wafa Nichols

on 29 May 2010

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Transcript of I love Prezi

I PREZI Prezi a presentation tool that is
worth more than a second look! first a confession: I am in love with Prezi
and, like anybody in love,
I just can’t shut up about it! What is Prezi: A zooming story telling and presentation tool developed in Hungary Why do I think Prezi is worth a try: Its easy to get started I am much more at home with a microscope than a computer and will never see my 50th birthday again BUT I found making my first Prezi presentation a lot easier than my first (or my even second or third) efforts at power point presentations.
The Prezi site has excellent, brief and effective, tutorials:
Prezi presentations are quick to make Once you have got the hang of some very basic screen instructions , it only takes about 10 minutes to have your first Prezi up and running Prezi is an effective means of presentation; I think, for many purposes, Prezi is superior to powerpoint, especially when you need to give an over view or a summing up. Need something more complex or prettier than this presentation?
Prezi can do that too Take a look at http://prezi.com/8edcvihkg-ll/solstice-conference-2009/
Which summarizes the SOLSTICE 2009 conference (well worth a read just for the interesting links which are all “clickable”!)
Or this one by one of the creators of Prezi http://prezi.com/hgjm18z36h75/why-should-you-move-beyond-slides/
There are many, and many are open for public viewing.
PREZI IS FREE There is a special, free, version for educational use, Although presentations are created online (the paid for version allows you to make them offline) you can download them to your computer or CD and use them without an internet connection. Apply for an educational account at the following link:
Although I am not quitting powerpoint completely, I anticipate more and more of my presentations will now be delivered by Prezi. give it
a try! confession over!
let's continue--
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