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No description

Anika Sharma

on 1 November 2017

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Transcript of FLL

A single pencil can write a continuous line that can go on for 35 miles!
The Staedtler Allxwrite 292 pencils are completely made from graphite, which means little pencil waste. (The waste comes from erasing, or if you sharpen it, even though you don't have to.)
A decent sized tree can make about 300,000 pencils.
Before erasers were made, writers & artists used bread crumbs to erase. We could use this method better in the 21st century.
Every year more than sixteen billion pencils are sharpened. .
15-20 billion pencils are made each year worldwide.
Pencils can write in outer space, and under water.
There is no risk of lead poisoning if you stab yourself (or someone else) with a pencil because it contains no lead—just a mixture of clay and graphite.
More than half of all pencils come from China. In 2004, factories there turned out 10 billion pencils, enough to circle the earth more than 40 times!
The smell of pencil shavings keeps moths away.
We are the Nerdy Birds from Betances STEM Magnet School. When our Engineering teacher, Mrs. Delisle, first introduced us to First Lego League, we were all for it. This is our first year participating in FLL. We were very excited, but we got straight to business. First of all, we had to brainstorm to find what we wanted to raise awareness about so that people would know to recycle it to prevent harm to the environment.
We are the Nerdy Birds from Betances STEM Magnet School who got chosen to be in the First Lego League Team. This is our school's first year for First Lego League. My name is Benjamin Baby and my group members are Ved Gautam, blank, blank, blank, blank, blank, blank. This our team.

Our Feelings About First Lego League:
Topic: Pencil Waste Can Be Recycled
First Lego League
Members: Ansh Desai , Anika Sharma, Viveca Garcia, Shalom Akinwole, Natalie Sherer,
Maaria Ahmad, Laxmi Vobbineni, and Ved Gautam

How We Decided
This machine converts paper into pencils.
This machine makes erasers out of pencil shavings.
We decided to use pencil waste as our trash type because we voted on which idea would be most presentable, and also which idea we would be able to expand the most on, whether it is by facts, or strong points on why we need to focus on pencil waste as a valuable resource being wasted every year. When we throw it away, and do not replace all the trees that we cut down to make the pencils, it harms our environment.
Bio Pencil
Things You Can Do To Help
Put pencil shavings in your recycling bin.
Use pencil shavings as mulch for a garden.
Plant trees.
Use pencil shavings as kindling (fire starters).
You can also use them with potpourri.
Instead of using wooden pencils, use led pencils with biodegradable shells.
Technology That Saves Our Pencil Waste
Our presentation is on pencil waste. Many people throw away tons of pencil waste. DON'T INVOLVE IN IT !!! You can use this pencil waste to make beautiful projects and even meet basic needs. Pencil waste is made using the environment. If you do use pencils, you should plant a tree. Make a goal like for every 50 pencils you use plant a tree. No matter what, just do one thing... Help save our environment !!! Make a plan, make a goal, start helping us save our precious Earth.
This machine shown below shows a pencil being made into an eraser.
The picture below shows a machine that turns waste paper into pencils.
Some examples of Pencil Art
Pencil waste can have many impacts on not only the environment. It can also harm us as human beings. When trees are formed into pencils, factories prouce smoke. If we breathe this polluted air, we can get sick and maybe even die from diseases or cancer. Half of the pencils used don't even get used or used only for a while.
Remember harming the environment is technically harming us!

Google Images
YouTube - Toss it Baby
Check This Out !!!
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