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Making A Change - by Roy Leighton

Presentation for highlighting the process and impact of the 'V' Effect and Butterfly Model designed and delivered by Roy Leighton www.wearecoral.com

Roy Leighton

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Making A Change - by Roy Leighton

The block to change is F.E.A.R.: brain based learning and memory skills Bravery Energy Creativity Motivation Esteem (self) Openness Revision Results Resilience Relationships Results: Books Supporting The Four Pinciples Knowing Doing Being
Roy Leighton He gathered conceptions of the mature personality and conducted batteries of psychological tests using recognised instruments.

His analysis of this data became the basis for a theory that he called, among other titles:

"The emergent, cyclical, double helix model of adult biopsychosocial systems evolution or The Emergent Cyclical Levels of Existence Theory" (ECLET). Clare W Graves
1914 - 1986 If you know, but do not do, you do not know.

The Buddha Survival Tribal Self Order Enterprise Community Interconnected Interdependent The 'V' Effect It is the intersection of four fundamental principles for life It provides the framework in which order & chaos, art & science, rigour & creativity coexist It's what happens when a plan comes together The Butterfly Model Process 1. Question - W.I.I.F.M? 2. Relationships - how do I feel about what I'm doing and who I'm working with? 3. Resilience - engage in the challenge 4. Results - what worked? what didn't? what next? How to make a 'difference' Are you 'open' or 'closed'? for keynotes, workshops and one day events contact for 3 month curriculum, leadership and CPD programmes contact? Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose,
Shall I ever see thee wed?
Aye, marry, that thou shalt.
When thou art dead! ME WE 1. The need to create meaning and purpose in our lives. Why am I here? 2. The need to relate and connect with others. Harmony, love and productivity. 3. The need to change and deal with new challenges. To grow, develop, evolve. 4. The need for recognition and reward for our efforts. U.I. C.I. C.C. U.C. Margaret J. Wheately
So Far From Home - lost and found in a brave new world Acknowledging interconnectedness it too much of a burden. It requires that we take responsibility for noticing how we affect other people, that we realise how our behaviours and choices impact others, even at a distance. How much easier life is when we don't worry about these multiple layers of impact and just focus on ourselves. Curiosity, intuition, questioning and listening skills. what is intelligence? I.Q. E.Q. P.Q. S.Q. What are the four things we need to be happy and successful in life and at school? Autonomy Mastery Purpose The Four Passions For Success In School and Life FRSA The Outcomes of Developing the Four Passions or Principles
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