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Writing grants -- reading revisions


Cameron Hay

on 12 April 2010

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Transcript of Writing grants -- reading revisions

and rewriting

Scholarly sources
What counts:
Journal articles
Books published by scholarly presses
most have a "university" in the press name
What doesn't count:
pretty much anything without an author
and once you have your sources
cite them consistently within the text
get the bibliography write (punctuation, etc)
NOTE: periods go outside parathesis and after citations!!!
Pastoralism in the Ogaden is oriented toward herding sheep, goats, and either camels or cattle, depending on the amount of rainfall of a local region (Devereaux 2006:33-37).
...but I worked so hard on it!
Imagine that writing is like building a castle on the beach
If you build it out of of sand, you just have to say
'okay -- what can I do better this time?'
With hard work, you will be able to build this:
how do we start?
First, read all the comments
Now take a deep breath, and read all the comments again
Outline the topic of each paragraph as it is written
Rework the order so that it composes a logical, streamlined argument
Accept, that regardless of how clear it is to you, your job is to make it clear, logical, unquestionably fundable to others!
Detailed revision plan
Who responsible for what by what dates
Plan must take into account % effort on project so far (I know where the unevenness lies) and you need to work out plans to balance it
Talking in teams about hard things is hard
What are the key things that need to be done on this project?
How can I help motivate each team member to move forward?
What would I consider a fair action plan moving forward that would compensate for uneven productivity within the group at this point
Free write - 5 minutes
In groups:
This is the basis for developing an action plan
Amass your team members "key things" into a list
Estimate the amount of time/work each item will take
Give each item a due date
I am too busy is not a legitimate excuse for not taking on a fair percentage of the tasks.
If someone says something with which you disagree,
you must start by saying "what I hear you saying is..."
and then you can say "I see the situation this way because..."
Then the people in disagreement MUST figure out where exactly
the disagreement lies (i.e. understanding of task, definition of productivity, etc).
Remembering to motivate each other
develop a fair action plan, assigning each task to
1 primary and 1 secondary team member. The primary
person is ultimately responsible for having the task done
and done well by the agreed upon due date. The secondary
person is a collaborator on that particular task, but is not
the lead on the task. The action plan needs to have built in time for true collaboration -- discussing and revising each others ideas and contributions.
Action Plan
Due noon Friday via email
Make team appt with me as necessary
Thursday - guest speakers on sustainability
Overall -- I'm very excited about these projects!
The feedback is meant to be constructive - so that you can improve your proposal.
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