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No description

Sir Proctor

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Animism

SirMalcolm ;) The Animist Hearth The animist religion dates back to the beginning of man. The hearth cannot be determined because there are many places separate from one another where it may have started.. Remote sections of Southeast Asia, rural parts of Africa, and the Amazon Basin of South America. The word Animism first developed from a German scientist named George Ernst Stahl, and has been used ever since. Origin Map Four places were they might have originated. Languages/Usa Because Animism is practiced worldwide there is no certain language animist speak. Most of the Native Americans in the United States practiced this religion throughout the whole country. Many of the Natives mapped are animist but others are shamanist. Animist Landscape Animism is ethnic religion, meaning its attributes are based on physical characteristics and location. They are people who believe every living organism has a sole and purpose. The environment is an example of a holy site for the animist. Conflicts One conflict between the animist and society is their way of tradition. Some tribes in Africa still do human sacrifice. 1st world countries do not agree with their ways and this has become a problem.
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