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Aiden B. - Jack W. F8 South Africa

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Aiden B. - Jack W. F8 South Africa

Aiden B. - Jack W. F8 South Africa
Traditional Music
Uhadi- long stick with ball on end

Umakhweyana- long stick with
ball in the middle

Rattle- small stick with rattles
-Basil Coetzee
Born-Feb 2 1994Death-Mar 11 1998
-Albert Frost
Born- Mar 7 1914 Death-Aug 13,2010
-Abdullah Ibrahim
Born- October 9 1934 Death- none
South Africa
South Africa has a hilly countryside but a lush and green coast. It also is a British commonwealth. It is right next to the ocean the capital is johennesberg and is located in africa.
South African traditional music
sounds mostly of sounds and high
to low pitch chanting with natural instruments like feet and
bongos and other things.
-high and low
-piassimo and largo
-natural instruments
Some stadiums in South Africa
This is all I could find
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