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No description

graceann margot

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Clueless

Q: What country are you visiting if you
go to the Yongala, a steel passenger liner
at the bottom of the longest barrier reef in the world?
Answer: Queensland, Australia
URL: yongaladive.com
Q: Not only is this a fun word to say, it's
a fun place to visit. Where is Katmandu?
Answer: It's in a Valley in the Himalayas.
URL: whereiskathmandu.com
Q:Where in the desert would you be waiting
to see the colors changes on the second largest
monolith in the world, and what is the name of
the monolith?
Answer: It lies north of Nigeria's capital Abuja, and it's name is Zuma rock
URL: touropia.com
Q: In the country of Yap, what do they use for money?
Answer: They use stones for money. Some can be big
enough to buy a house.
URL: mentalfloss.com
Q: What country would you be visiting if you went to Ulaanbaatar, located between China and Russia?
Answer: Mongolia
URL: britannica.com
Q:What is the name of the city and country that was
a major player in World War 2 and had a devastating
earthquake and fire in 1923?
Answer: Japan, Yokohama and Tokyo
URL: smithsoniamag.com
Q: Swallow's Nest Castle is located in the second largest country in Europe and it gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. What is the name of this country?
Answer: Ukraine
URL: escaperality.info
Q: There is so much sightseeing to do in this city. The
Eiffel Tower and the River Seine are two of its most famous attractions. What city are you visiting?
Answer: Paris
URL: tripadvisor.com
Q: Part of the Unites kingdom, this country is at the southwest corner, bordering 750 miles of coast. What country are you in if you plan visiting Snowdom, the Gresford Bells, and Pistyll Rhaeadr?
Answer: Wale
URL: uptake.com
Q: Find the city and country where the Olympics originated and you can feast on olives, melitzanosalata, and feta cheese.
Answer: Ancient Greece
URL: scholastic.com
Traveling around the world in a few clicks.
Travel around the world in a few clicks to see new places.
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