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POETIC FUNCTION. As defined by Rus. formalist linguist and l

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Leonardo Flores

on 21 August 2015

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Transcript of POETIC FUNCTION. As defined by Rus. formalist linguist and l

POETIC FUNCTION. As defined by Rus. formalist linguist and literary theorist
Roman Jakobson
, the poetic function is “[ t] he set (Einstellung) toward the message as such,
focus on the message for its own sake
.” The context for this definition is his analysis of the
act of verbal communication
, formulated at an international conference on style held at Indiana University in 1958. According to this formulation, every such act involves
six elements:
; an
; a
referred to; a
common to addresser and addressee as encoder and decoder of the message; a
, i.e., “a physical channel and psychological connection between the addresser and the addressee”; and
the message
, i.e., the actual spoken or written discourse in all its linguistic particulars. Each element corresponds to one of
six functions of lang
.: the
emotive or expressive
(oriented toward the addresser, aiming at a direct expression of his or her attitude); the
(oriented toward the addressee and often expressed grammatically through the vocative case of a noun designating the addressee and the imperative mood of verbs); the
(toward the context); the
(toward the code); the
(toward the contact, aimed at establishing, maintaining, or prolonging communication); and the
(toward the message). What Jakobson here calls the poetic function, he sometimes elsewhere refers to as the
aesthetic function

(2012-08-26). The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics: Fourth Edition (p. 1056). Princeton University Press. Kindle Edition.
The Poetic Function of Language
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