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Copy of Back to School Night

No description

Becky Hall

on 6 August 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Back to School Night

I am excited for an exciting year of learning!
Welcome to First Grade!
About Mrs. Hall ...
Born and raised in Franklin, Indiana
Daily Schedule
Classroom Expectations
Graduate of Butler University
Fifth year teaching at Northwood
Enjoys reading, hiking, traveling, watching and attending Butler basketball games, and spending time with family and friends.
Married to Ben and have one dog named Tucker.
Unpack, move lunch stick, morning work station
Morning Meeting: Greeting, warm-up,
Language Arts: Superkids. Daily routine, word work, handwriting, guided reading, and workbooks
Superkids Writing
Lunch ( 11:00 ) and Recess
Computer Lab
FIT Time and finishing up our day
Things to Do at Home
Language Arts

Spelling tests are on a 8-10 day cycle. There will not be a test every Friday.
We will read our decodable reader, book club books, and Super Duper Magazines.
Please practice Superkids at home through Superkids Online and the Parent Portal.
Everyday Math
Clip system in class supports behavior management as well as positive reinforcement.
All students begin the day on green.
Students will clip down if he/she makes a poor choice or does not follow directions
Things to Know
Read weekly stories
Study spelling words each night
Practice concepts through SUperkids Online
Establish a homework routine
Play Everyday Math and Superkids online games. Games available online and on Apple App Store http://franklinschools.schoolwires.net//site/Default.aspx?PageID=406
Go to bed early and eat a healthy breakfast
Read Every Day!
Looping Class for 1st -2nd grade
Bring in book rental
Background checks
Lunchtime is 11:00
Field Trips
Parent Meeting
2-3 per year
Send in forms
Northwood News
Contact Information
Social Media
Keep up with Northwood happenings on the Franklin Schools website and on the Northwood Facebook page
Contact Me:
E-mail is best: hallr@franklinschools.org
Phone: 346-8986 After School
Before you leave...
Ask any questions that you have not had answered
Thank you for coming in!
Please sign in if you have not already
Students Will....
Respect all peers and teachers everyday.
Be prepared and ready to learn each and every day
Keep hands , feet , and objects to his/ her self.
Students will be encouraging and use kind words and not tear others down.
Students will complete classroom activities and assignments.
Follow all Northwood cafeteria, playground, hallway , and bathroom rules.
8-12 lessons / unit
Daily homelinks sheet for homework
Informal and formal assessments in each unit
Use student log-ins at home to practice math games, skills, and concepts
FIT math groups with Mrs. Purk
Students will have the opportunity to clip back up if the behavior is changed
Students will clip up to blue or purple if exceptional behavior is demonstrated
Everyday Math:
Homelinks for each lesson
Study math facts and concepts together at home
Read everyday for at least 15 minutes
Sign assignment notebook every night
No snacks or treats
You may send in a class game or treats for the class such as pencils, stickers, or erasers
Birthday invitations may be passed out if there is one for every child. With the exception of a girl inviting all the girls or a boy inviting all the boys.
All bus changes must be approved by transportation
Send a note or call the office
Transportation changes may not be made after 2 p.m, including car riders.

Please walk your child into the office if they are tardy. Students are tardy at 7:40
Visitors Badges

NWEA computer testing three times / year. Begins in September
Dibels Reading three times/ year
TRC test three times/ year
Math Assessments
Book Rental
My Goals
Create a safe environment where students love learning
For each and every student to read fluently, accurately, and comprehend what they are reading.
To model best reading practices so students understand how to read fluently and accurately. As well as modeling how to choose just right books.
Students can earn behavior passes when they earn 10 greens. Passes can include computer time, games with friend, lunch with the teacher etc.
Finish filling out the parent survey
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