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on 26 July 2014

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Transcript of Objective

VEX Robot
Scribbler Robot
Thank you for listening!
Follow the line drawn by Scribbler to deliver relief supplies to survivors
Follow iRobot out of building
Draw a path from the survivors to command center
Searches a room for survivors autonomously.
Returns to home base after identifying survivors
C - Programmer's Notepad
Modify/Debug given program (bump.c)
uses arm to clear debris
Build and program 5 robots that will:
1. Clear debris
2. Help mobile people escape a building after a disaster
3. Search for survivors
4. Draw a path out of the fallen building
5. Deliver relief supplies to survivors
VEX Robot: Cameron
LEGO Robot: Will
iRobot: Carl
Scribbler Robot: Hunter
VEX IQ Robot: Hailey
Division of Labor
Follows a predetermined path and leads ambulatory survivors out of a building after a disaster
Must be built and programmed.
LEGO Mindstorm
LEGO Robot
Robots to the Rescue
By: Hailey, Hunter, Will, Carl and Cameron (Group 3)
What goes into making a Robot?
Locomotion system
On-board computer system
Many Carl's to program them

A robot is a machine that people program to be able to autonomously take information form its environment and use that information to decide how to act.
The Vex IQ robot forgets its program when you unplug the battery.
The iRobot is too fast for the scribbler and it can't keep up.
Limited amount of modifications to iRobot
Can't modify speed when returning home (when finding base).
Immense amounts of loligagging.
Behavior is what people see the robot doing
Behavior is a result of the actions programed into it.
More About Robots
Robots use sensors to find out what is in the environment around them.
There are two states (internal and external)
The sensors do not provide the state
Servo Motors are improved DC motor that have better gear reduction, a position sensor and an electric circuit.
Autonomy is the ability to sense and act appropriately
All our robots must act autonomously
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