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Andrea Boesak

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Owners and Managers Of Iron and Steel Iron and Steel Examples: Major Inventions Economic Impact Social Impact on Owners/Managers Processes Invented Effect on today's world - Weak
- Used in construction
- Household use - Eiffel Tower
- The Forth Railway Bridge - Types of Iron
- Used in Railways
- Used in skyscrapers - 1709: Abraham Darby
- 1783: Henry Cort
- 1856: Henry Bessemer
- 1879: Sidney Gilchrist Thomas & Percy
Gilchrist - Profitable
- Countries:
- US
- Britain
- Germany
- France - Money
- Class Gap
- Old ways were changed - tools and hours.
- Workers moved.
- Working conditions
- Factory Acts - Makes life easier
- Examples:
- Outdoors
- Kitchenware
- Transport
- Tools
Andrea Boesak
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