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Immune System

No description

Kyle Egan

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Immune System

Parts & Organs of the Immune System
Immune System
1) What is the function of
White Blood Cells?

Fight off disease, bad bacteria, and viruses
2) When you are sick, would you
have more, less, or the same
number of WBCs as normal?
1) What is the function of
White Blood Cells?
2) When you are sick, would you
have more, less, or the same
number of WBCs as normal?
An organ system made of specialized cells
that defend the body from invaders
Warm-up 4/16 Pg. 91
Functions of the Immune System
1) Defend against foreign invaders
2) Produce Antibodies to mark disease for later attacks
3) Inflammatory response
Bacteria, virus
Swelling, redness
White Blood Cells
Lymph Nodes
Kill invaders & clean up body
Phagocytes - "Eat" invading organisms
Lymphocytes - Mark & remember previous invaders
Filter out bacteria & viruses
taken up by White Blood Cells
Swell up when you are sick
Protect body from things entering mouth and nose.
ID pathogens and start immune

Located at the back of the throat
Filters old/damaged Red Blood Cells and bacteria from blood
Immune Response


Foreign organism invades body
Invader is detected by body
Some WBCs produce antibodies to ID it
Other WBCs attack and kill it
WBC takes invader to lymph nodes or spleen to filter and remove it
Antibodies stay in body to ID the same
invader later to kill it quicker

EQ: How does the Immune System maintain homeostasis when an organism is invaded by pathogens?
Pg. 92
Hint: They are called in when you're sick
Circulatory System Cont.
-Hemoglobin - in Red Blood Cells
-Where Oxygen attaches
-Carries Oxygen and drops off CO2
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