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English Literature Treasure Hunt

No description

lob liv

on 22 February 2015

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Transcript of English Literature Treasure Hunt

English Literature
Treasure Hunt

Starting point:
After fourteen days of sailing, this character arrived at
Yokohama, Japan
in order to look into the Japanese pearl business.
: Make
a character sketch
of this traveler ( appearance, actions, words and the way the other characters relate to him all over the story). Write your findings on a shared
Google Drive file
. Begin your track at the starting point of his journey.
Stop 1_____________________
literary piece?
You remain in the same town but take the bus to one of its known neighborhoods. There you can find very special food such as steamed pastries or dim sum and curio shops.
: Spot this place on
Google Maps
Explain what “
the art of invisible strength
” is and how it helped the
of the story. Write your findings on your
Google Drive file
Stop 2 ____________________
Although he was born in this town too, this poet had spent most of his life in
New England
: Find out on
Google Maps
New England
is and trace the route from stop 2 to stop 3 .
0n the
Google Drive file
, describe how
New England’s rural area affected his poetry
Add a picture of New England’s green landscape.
Stop 3 _____________________
At this stop you will arrive by plane from stop 3. Then by taking the subway you will reach the
There you will see
a five-room railroad flat above a butcher store
: Mark this spot on
Google Maps
Describe (on your
Google Drive File
) who lives there, and what his difficulties are.

Compare and contrast
between two
that helped him to achieve his goals ( who they are, what are the similarities and differences between them). Add your findings on the
Google Drive file
Stop 4_______________________
literary piece?
Stay in the same neighborhood of the city. There a
Poet Laureate
of the
United States
was born.
: Listen to one of his speeches on TED in which he explains that every moment can be caught in time.
On your
Google Drive file
explain who this poet is and how this information is relevant to the poem.
an image
from his poem that you like the most and add a drawing (or a picture) of that image.
Stop 5 ______________________
literary item?
Stay in the same city but take the subway to get to
where this author was born.
Spot this place on the
After watching the short clip relating to the origin of the American Dream, describe on your
Google Drive file
values of the American Dream
and how it went wrong in one of the literary pieces learned (because it had encouraged
immoral behavior)
Stop 6______________________
literary item?
You will have to make a long journey to
Joplin, Missouri
. There, a poet who was known as a leading figure in the movement "
Harlem Renaissance
" was born.
Assignment: Spot this place on
Identify this poet and after watching the short clip about "
Harlem Renaissance
", explain (on your
Google Drive file
) how this poet fulfills his dreams.
Describe two
in the poem and add your findings on your
Google Drive file
Stop 7 _____________________
literary item?
Your journey is almost accomplished. Because you can’t get a direct flight home, you have to stop in the desert of
. There you will meet a traveler. What is his story and what do you
from it?
: Write the traveler’s story and your
about his story on your
Google Drive file
Mark this spot on
Google Maps
Welcome home! End the journey at our school address.

Insert the whole
Literature Itinerary
on your
Google Drive file
Stop 8 _______________________
literary item?
This is your treasure hunt literary journey which includes
eight stops
that summarize some of the cultural aspects, literary issues, terms and skills learned through a few poems and stories in high-school.
In order to complete the journey,
each group
will have to solve the clues at each station by finding the hidden literary pieces and by using the literary understanding, interpretation and background information learned over the last three years. During the journey you will have to:
1) Identify each hidden literary piece at each station according to the given clues.
2) Open your literature books and notes to find the information required at each stop.
3) Complete EACH
and post it on your group shared
Google Drive file.

4) Open
Google- Maps
and complete the literary journey by finding and marking each spot in the track on the map.
5) When the journey is finished, insert the literary itinerary on your
Google Drive file.

literary piece?
literary piece?
Harlem Renaissance Movement
By Livia Lobel
Before submitting your final file consider the following criteria for evaluation:
Content: (80%)
Your writing clearly shows connection with the hidden literary item at each station.
Your writing integrates the literary items, thinking skills or Bridging activity required at each station.
All information is accurate and relevant.
Content is well organized
Message is clear
language: (20%)
Correct use of basic and advanced language structures
Hardly any errors of mechanics
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